Information Inquiry in Teaching and Learning

video editingInquiry is the process of formulating questions, organizing ideas, exploring and evaluating information, analyzing and synthesizing data, and communicating findings and conclusions. It's the type of activity that children and adults are asked to do every day.

Information inquiry is both a learning and teaching process that involves the processes of searching for information and applying information to answer questions we raise personally and questions that are addressed to us. The five elements (questioning, exploring, assimilation, inference, and reflection) interact among themselves and between student and teacher.

girl with Venn diagramThe school library media specialist collaborates with students and teachers across subject areas and grade levels. However the teacher librarian has a particular interest in promoting information fluency; the ability to apply the skills associated with information literacy, computer literacy and critical thinking to address and solve information problems across disciplines, across academic levels, and across information format structures.

blue ribbon logoThe Blue Ribbon course Information Inquiry for Teachers provides an opportunity for prospective school library media specialists to practice methods in critical thinking about information/media, and to use the process as a means to teach their students to be critical reviewers and communicators as well.

To learn more about this course, go to Information Inquiry for Teachers.

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