Help the Bighorn Sheep


Trace the lives of the bighorn sheep.

You're a member of a group called SOS (Save Our Sheep). The number of bighorn sheep in your area of Idaho is getting smaller and smaller. Your group is concerned about the causes of this problem.

The Mission

Your job is to follow a group of sheep over a year.

The Process

Activity 1:

Find a reading buddy. Talk about what you already know about bighorn sheep. Then, read about them. Talk about the new things you learned.

Choose an option that fits your information need:

Activity 2:

Start by creating your herd. How many rams and ewes are in the group? What do they look like? Describe each one as an individual. How are they each alike and different? Write in the word processor and add pictures from the information page or draw your own pictures.

Activity 3:

Write about where your herd lives. What does the habitat look like? Where are the mountains, foothills, and water sources? Create a map.

Activity 4:

Create a timeline for the year. Create a problem for the herd. What happens during the year? How does the herd move? Are lambs born? What are the enemies of the herd? What key events happen to the herd?

The Conclusion

Wow! You've followed a herd through a whole year. Write a final report to give to the SOS group. Why do you think the sheep are low in numbers?


Note: All photographs taken with a digital camera in Arizona and Utah.
Developed by Annette Lamb and Larry Johnson, 04/02.