American Bison
Bison are buffalo.

What does a bison look like?
Bison are brown. They are big and shaggy. Bison have horns. Bison run fast.
Bison are tall and heavy. They have a big head.
A mother bison has one baby. A baby is called a calf. A calf is brown.
What do bison eat?
Bison eat grass. They dig for grass in the snow.
Where can I find a bison?
Bison move in big groups. People killed many bison. Bison live in parks.
Who are the friends and enemies of a bison?

Wolves eat bison. Bear eat bison, too.

Where can I find more information?
Here are a few other websites where you can get more information about bison.
American Bison
Here you find more information on bison life cycle, diet, habitat, and history from the Oakland Zoo.
American Buffalo: Spirit of a Nation from the Nature television program
Site has information about the history of the buffalo in the United States.
Bison Roundup (Newton's Apple, Teacher's Guides)
What role did bison play in North America's history? What factors contributed to their near extinction? What has been done to ensure their place in North America's future.

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Note: All photographs taken with a digital camera in Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming (July 1999).
Developed by Annette Lamb and Larry Johnson, 6/99.
Updated 11/00.