Mustangs are wild horses.

What does a mustang look like?
Wild horses are many colors. Most are reddish brown. They are also grey, black, white, and tan. A pinto has a mix of colors.
Groups of horses are called herds.
Male leaders are called stallions.
Baby horses are called foals.
A two year old male is called a colt. A female is called a filly. They are also called yearlings.
What do mustangs eat?
Wild horses eat grass and plants. They drink water from streams or lakes.

The lead female is called a mare. The mare leads the family to food and water.

Where can I find a mustang?
Horses must walk a long way to find food and water. Most wild horses live in the western United States.
Wild horses stay together for safety. In the photos below, the stallion keeps the group safe.


Who are the friends and enemies of a mustang?
Mountain lion and bear can kill weak horses.
Humans are both friends and enemies of mustangs.

Some people think there are too many wild horses. Others think there are not enough.

A wild horse adoption program lets people adopt a horse.

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Note: All photographs taken with a digital camera near the Onaqui Mountain Wild Horse Management Area along the Pony Express Trail National Back Country Byway in Utah. (September 1999).

Developed by Annette Lamb and Larry Johnson, 6/99, Updated 4/02.