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Identify Content for Your Class Page
Why reinvent the wheel? There are many places to locate quality content and links for your class page. Spend a few minutes selecting locating a few good links that you might include on your class web page.
Starting Points
Search Tools

Class Page Content
Consider some of the following topics when developing your class page:
Course Description
Class Rules
Links to Standards
Contact Information
Links - specific, general, favorite, fun
Teacher Information
Student Work
Practice Opportunities
Parent Info
As you consider the content, ask yourself about the purpose of the page. Is it for promotion, outreach, homework, information, student sharing, or parent involvement? Who is the audience? How will resources be used? Why will they want to return?
Also consider the people you might involve with the page. If your "web staff" consists of "My, Myself & I", you might consider getting some help from student web developers or other members of your department.
Policies and Procedures. Check to see if your school currently has guidelines for web page development, then consider the following areas:
  • Webmaster responsibilities
  • Content provider guidelines
  • Use of student names/pictures
  • Copyright issues
  • Handling link rot
Class Information. Make your page attractive, interesting, and informative. Include contact information, background information, a and maybe a class tour. Think about accomplishments, announcements, news, and other things that will draw people back to the site. If you include policies and procedures, make them interesting.
Class Schedules. Many people include class schedules on their page. Ask yourself: Will I keep it updated (homework, exams schedule)? What's realistic for updating (daily, monthly, seasons, year)?
Page Contents. You might include Class Information, People Information, Curriculum Connections, and Community Information. Ask yourself: What will you include on the page? Who decides on content? Does this need to be online? Is this available elsewhere? Could we link to it? How will info be used? Why will people revisit?
When you're done with this page, check out Locate a Web Host.

 Created by
Annette Lamb and Larry Johnson, 11/01.