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Relevant Engaging Authentic Learning

The following activities explore literature-technology connections.

Guys ReadTechnology-Enhanced Reading
Explore technology-enhanced reading opportunities.
Go to Teacher Tap: Electronic Books and Online Reading and explore online reading opportunities. Try:
I Can Read

Also, check out Guys Read edited by Jon Scieszka.
How is technology changing the nature of reading?
Create a chart comparing screen-based with paper-based reading environments.

Technology Tools for Writing
How is technology changing the nature and process of writing?
Trace your personal history related to the tools of writing. How have your tools and thinking changed over time? Create a timeline using a timeline maker tool such as ReadWriteThink Timeline Maker.

Explore other ReadWriteThink tools.

Explore online writing tools:
Tate Museum - Imaginary City
Scholastic Writing with Writers

Magnet Poetry, Stories, & Mad Libs: Writing Fun On The Web

Read You Read to Me, I’ll Read to You by Mary Ann Hoberman.
Explore Microsoft Word features:
√ Comments
√ Audio
√ Text Colors
Picture History
Online Learning Environments
Explore online learning environments.
Shakespeare: Subject to Change
Virtual Ecosphere Exhibits
ThinkPort Field Trips
Teacher Tap: Interactive Websites

How do the reading, writing, and thinking skills of students impact their success in an online learning environment?
How do multimedia features address learning styles and contribute to learner success?
Analyze a learning environment and discuss the key issues.
Active Questioning
What's the heart of ... (your curriculum)?
-- Is history always biased? Does art reflect culture or shape it?
What are the reoccurring themes?
-- What makes a great book great?
What questions raise other questions?
-- In nature, do only the strong survive? Why?

Choose an online magazine or news source.
Scholastic News
- Here Come the Frogs! (Listen & Read)
- Insect World Records (Listen & Read)
- Growing Up Gater (Listen & Read)
- Meet Mr. President (Listen & Read)
- Welcome Back, Bald Eagles! (Listen & Read)
Yahooligans News
BBC Newsround
CNN Student News
Teacher Tap: News

Select an essential question.
Create an activity at asks students to identify, categorize, compare, predict. Use a Read Write Think Tool.

: A Northern Light by Jennifer Donnelly & An American Tragedy by Theodore Dreiser: NY Cases, Historic Letters
Example: Ease History
Example: ARKive
Example: 10x10
Example: Nature, Organisms Lesson

Go to REAL: Relevant, Engaging, Authentic Learning for more detail and examples.
Evolving Assignments
Explore online study and essay services:

Explore quality lesson sites:
National Geographic Xpeditions Lessons
ReadWriteThink Lessons
Discovery Lessons
Learn NC
PBS Teacher Source
Teacher Tap: Lesson Plans
The Gateway - Search Tool for Lesson Plans

Go to United Streaming. Download a video. Develop an activity that requires students to transform or apply the information found in the video.

How has easy access to information changed assignments?
Habits of Mind
What questions cross disciplines?
-- What roles and perspectives can you identify? What would you do?
-- How is this like and unlike real life? How do we know about what actually happened?
-- Whose perspective does this represent?
Connections & Patterns
-- How is this related to other people, places, events, and times?
-- How might things have been different? What if?
-- Why is this important? Who cares?
Know Thyself
-- What does it mean to me?

Reading Activity
Read the short story called The Last Spin by Evan Hunter.
Connect the short story to the Habits of Mind questions above.
Explore the related WebQuest.

Writing Activity
Develop a writing activity focusing on mystery or investigation.
For example, write an accurate crime story using vocabulary from the CSI website.
Primary Sources
Integrate technology into authentic reading and writing experiences. Incorporate authentic, nonfiction, online primary sources reading materials.
- Autobiography, Personal Accounts, & Travel Narratives
- Data and Statistics
- Diaries and Journals
- Artifacts
- Virtual Digital Collections
The Diary of Louise Hancock
The American Experience: Influenza 1918
Find the Flow
42explore: Debate
Debate Comics
Brown vs Topeka Board of Education

Explore PowerPoint Starters.
Reading Level Issues
Explore websites that provide leveled materials:

Choose a specific page or pages for students to read.
Design a motivating task or problem to solve based on the reading material.

Use Microsoft Word to check reading levels. Copy text from the website into Word. Use the spell checker. If the readability doesn't show, check the options in Grammar.
Reading and Writing Resources
Teacher Tap: Content-Rich Websites - English & Language Arts

Fun with Interactive Resources
BBC Spellits

BBC Literacy Ages 4-11 , 11-16 , 16+
Between the Lions Language Arts Games
Book Adventure
Fun Brain Language Arts
Grammar Games
Kids Read
Wicked Literacy Activities

Issues in Technology Integration
Information Literacy
Citing Sources
Search Strategies
Search Tools

Professional Development
Artifacts and Fiction: High School
Conversations in Literature (6-12)
Developing Writers: A Workshop for High School Teachers
Engaging with Literature (3-5)
In Search of the Novel (6-12)
Write in the Middle: A Workshop for Middle School Teachers
Teaching Reading: K2
Reading Tools

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