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Would you rather ...

enjoy the work of others?
add to the work of others?
design pages, but let someone else create?
create a page?
create a masterpiece?

You and your students have unlimited opportunities.

Volcano World

Volcano Virtual Field Trip

Explore school sites.


Classroom Connect

Evansville, Indiana

Jackson, Mississippi

King Intermediate School

Alderman Junior High

Magic Carpet Site

School Information
Logo, address, and location
Mission statement
Depts, activities, projects
Policies and procedures
Map, floorplans, facilities
Calendar of events
Access by phone, email, FAX

Arbor Heights Schools

Coyote Creek Elementary School

People Information

Community members

Personal Pages

Name and picture
Location, phone, email
Assignment, current projects
Related interests
Links to favorite sites

Student Pages

Name, picture, grade
Family information
Interests & hobbies
Favorite books, TV, movies
Future plans
Links to favorite sites



Student Projects
Student Links
Teacher Links
Parent Links
Online Newspapers
Outreach/ Internet Projects

Wangaratta Primary School

Public Information

Safety: fire/water/bike
Poison control
Adult ed

Wisconsin Representatives

Austin Local Leaders

Group Pages

Academic Depts
Special Centers
Grade Levels

Radio Astromony Club

Art Projects

Scan art projects & write about
Step-by-step processes: origami
Artist projects w/links
Art projects w/museum links
Critique art found on the Web

Student Gallery

Art Page

Music Projects

Share musical compositions
Types of music w/links
Composers w/links
Music downloads/sound clips
Student critiques

Music Page

Social Studies Projects

Career Exploration
Social Issues Debates
Government/Elections News
History Reports

Student Project

Houston Project


Story problems for others to solve
Data the could be used by others
Ongoing experiments
Lab experiment results
Joint projects with other schools
Local information

Portfolio Program

Environmental Project



Authors w/ links
Critical reviews of literature
Creative writing projects

Student Project



Current topics projects w/links
WWII Commemorations

Student Projects

Asthma Project

Overall K-12 Ideas

Student newspaper online
Ongoing yearbook
Current projects
Virtual field trips
Pen pal projects

People's Press

Vocal Point

Use Project Sites

Global Show and Tell

International Kids' Space

Website Committee

Library, media, computer services
Technology specialist
Community members

Reasons for Your Site

Public, client relations
Global presence and outreach
Collaborate with others
Make contacts with others
Share projects, research, expertise
Market services to outsiders

Establish Policy For ...

Copyright checks
Appropriate links/uses
Individual personal page
Design for text, graphics, backgrounds
Timelines for updates
Levels of site control
Webmaster and address

Before Posting ... Ask

Is this really needed online?
Who will use this?
How will this information be used?
Why will other people visit?
Is this info available elsewhere?
Is the entire document needed?

Who Is Responsible For ...

Checking accuracy?
Organizing information?
Deciding what gets posted?
Monitoring consistency?
Updating the site?

A Web Editor is needed!

Levels of Involvement

Provide content (text/graphics)
Submit word processed documents
Fill in Web page template
Create HTML document from scratch
Create and run on your own

Functions of Home Page

Introduce/guide user to site features
An index to site features
Focus attention on items
Chunk information into small pieces

Home Page Features

How to use the site
What's new
Help, FAQs or most requested
Thumbnails of larger graphics
Links to player software
Copyright statement
Date of revision/creation
URL of institution

Site Interactivity

email contact to webmaster
email contact to individuals
request form for services
survey form for feedback
project involvement form
link to other pages

Primary Concerns

Content accuracy
Aesthetically pleasing
Images relevant
Imbedded/integrated links
Minimal load time - "10 sec rule"

Interface Basics

User controlled
Provides Feedback

Web Page Style

Eliminate clutter - "clown pants"
Balance page/menu design
Chunk content with lines
Use white space
Use hypermedia link power
Encourage revisits

Build a Web Page

IP address & domain name
Web browser
Sound/graphics/video resources
HTML software
Basic design skills
Webserver software
Alternative: others build & post

Categories of HTML Software

Text editor/word processor - add .html
HTML - Web converters
HTML editor software
Web authoring tools (WYSIWYG)
Upper-level Web programming language (JAVA)

Evaluating/Testing Web Pages

Use multiple reviews
page layout
content accuracy
navigation links
technical aspects
overall evaluation

Add to existing projects

Add to projects
Create your own web pages


Little Planet

Organize teacher ideas
Identify the best way to communicate ideas.

Teacher communications
Print supplements
Reading guides
Lists of lists
Locally run web pages

Birds Activities

Oceanography Activities

Weave single web pages
Focus on parts & wholes.

Information only
Links only
Information, links, activities


Hispanic Page

Weave series of pages
Identify meaningful site metaphors: book, map, chart, visual

Include all elements: overview, contents, information, conclusion, credits, links

Hawaii Project

Wyoming History Project

Share your work
Like a masterpiece in a museum, your web site will be viewed by the world.

Help students identify their audience
Focus attention on detail
Develop a means of self, peer, and teacher evaluation

Sweden Project


Creation Stories

Use the resources available
In the real world, you might not have full access

Print out information/lessons
Download pages
Copy/paste text, words
Run pages locally
Use one computer & large screen

Microbe Zoo

Wolf Project

Mexico Project

Join ongoing projects
In the real world, join projects in progress

Join global projects
Replicate completed projects
Evaluate or add to other web pages
Submit projects to be published
Start a contest or project

TransAsia Virtual Field Trip

Shuttle/Mir Online Project

Memories of 1945

Build web-based lessons
Design lessons that incorporate web elements.

Magic Canada Project


Why Bother?

Students share with real world audience
Alternative communication channels
Opportunities for outside critiques
Expanded visibility for school
High impact
Get into info age
Part of "today's world"
Equity and access issues
All students get to "reach out"

Annette Lamb, c1996. The contents of this page are based on the book Surfin' the Internet. Users are free to link to this site. Users are also allowed to print and use the resources in their classroom. This page updated 1/27/97.