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Explore web resources for teachers and students.

The following sites are good places to get started. Most sites contain lists of educational resources.

General Search Tools


Web Crawler

Search Tools for Children


Lists of Links for Teachers

Kathy Schrock's

This is one of the best starting places for teachers. It has links for every content area.

The Magic Carpet Ride

Annette Lamb developed this page for Teacher Education students at the University of Southern Indiana.

EdWeb Curriculum Links

Again, lots of links in every content area.

Classroom Connect's GRADES
This is the home of many great resources. They also produce a great magazine.


NWREL's school house contains lots of great links for teachers.

Lists of Links for Kids and Teens

CyberKidsCyberTeens - LaunchPad
This site is a great starting place for students of all ages.

Berit's Best Sites for Kids

Looking for a good starting place for kids? Try Berit's best!

Lesson Plans and Educational Resources

AskEric: Lesson Plans and Links

Looking for lesson plans? AskEric! This site contains tons of lesson plans to explore.

Mustang Lesson Plans

This site contains AskEric links as well as lots of other lesson planning links.

School Sites

Web66 - School Pages

Are you interested in exploring school sites? You can find web pages for schools throughout the world using Web66!

There are lots of fun places on the Internet.

Raccoon World

ABC Educational Games

Cockroach World

Crayola Site

CyberSeas Treasure Hunt

ESPN SportZone

I Spy

Sea World

ZooNet Animal Links

All of your favorite television shows and movies have web sites. Check them out.

There are many news resources available on the Internet. Many newspapers and magazines are available as well as text versions of television resources.


USA Today

The Weather Channel

GNN: Global Network Navigator

Electronic Newsstand

Time Warner's Pathfinder

Build a Newspaper

Use the Subject Resources area of the Magic Carpet Ride to find many more subject area resources. Some of the most popular sites are listed below.
Before You Jump In ...

What's the educational objective?
Is it worthwhile to go online?
Are print resources easier/better?
Would traditional resources be more effective?
Is this activity to learn about a topic or learn about Internet?

Virtual Fruitfly Lab


Bill Nye the Science Guy

Math and Science - The Hub

Everyday Classroom Tools

Helping Your Child Learn Science

Geometry Forum

Cool Stat/Math Sites

Welcome to MegaMath!

Science Launchpad

Exploratorium Learning Studio

National Science Foundation

Missouri Botanical Gardens

Science Links

ENC (Eisenhower)

Science Learning Network

Icon Science

Beakman's World

GORP National Sites

Human Cross Sections


Virtual Tourist


European Sites

Yahoo's Country List

America History

Canadian Museum of Civilization

Medieval Studies

7 Wonders of the World


National Museum Indians

Index to Native American Studies

How far is it?

Map Maker

White House

Legislative Information on Internet


FedWorld Government Information

Life Education Network

Human Rights Page

Psychology Web Pages

Arts & Art Education

Art Galleries



General Music Guide

History of Rock and Roll



Children's Literature


Ask the Author

Sources of Electronic Books

Ink Spot - Authors Page

Science Fiction Society

Mark Twain

Health Center

5 a day

Tossed Salad Productions

Worldguide to health/fitness

Planned Parenthood

World Health Organization

You and your students have unlimited opportunities to participate in Internet-based projects. From sharing poetry to exploring virtual field trips, you'll find just the right project for your class.

A Great List of Projects

Global SchoolNet

International Kids Space

Global Show & Tell

Kid News



Tales to Tell

Minnesota Project Links

Annette Lamb, c1996. The contents of this page are based on the book Cruisin the Information Highway. Users are free to link to this site. Users are also allowed to print and use the resources in their classroom.
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