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Be A Bridge Builder

A bridge provides a connection between people, places, or things. Students and teachers can build bridges with the community, parents, other children, and other schools.
Single Bridges
Student with a single bridge. For example, a teacher in southern Indiana has been teaming with a teacher in the Netherland for the past two years. Their classes are partners in a range of short-term and long-range projects. Check out their Cyberfair Endangered Animals award-winning project.
Multiple Bridges
Once you've developed one bridge, it's easy to reach out and form other connections. Check out the following multiple connections projects:
Engage learners
Preserve nature and history
Conduct real-world research
Actively involve learners
Connect content areas
  • Share with the world
Adult-Produced Museums
Student-Produced Museums
Be a Museum Maker
Be a Bridge Builder

Developed by Annette Lamb, 3/99