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Student-Produced Museums

After you've explored some projects produced by adults, focus on student-produced museums. There are many types of student-produced projects. Many students develop a project based on a field trip to a local historical site, factory, zoo, or natural area. Another possibility is to focus on a career or government agency. Think Unique.
A good place to start your exploration is at the Museum in the Classroom. This wonderful project involves students throughout the state of Illinois working with both natural and historic sites.
Some of the best student projects are found on contest and project sites. Use these sites to collect ideas and locate great student projects!
We're looking for interesting student projects. We'd even be happy to add a category. Email us your web address and we'll add your school site to our list!
Historic Sites
Many students select a local historic site for their museum project. It might be a house, city building, covered bridge, church, school, factory, or mill.
What do you have in your area that would make an interesting website?

Skipton Castle

North Kingstown Tour

Natural Areas
Local natural areas are a logical choice for a museum project. Woods, beaches, rivers, bluffs, and nature trails are all possibilities.
Do you have a wetlands that needs to be protected? Is a local lake in need of a good clean-up? Use an issue or local need for the basis of a natural area project.

Yankeetown Tour

Dishman Hills Project

Flower Project

Adult-Produced Museums
Student-Produced Museums
Be a Museum Maker
Be a Bridge Builder

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