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Whether enjoyed a good audiobook on your morning walk or listening to NPR on the way home from work, spoken word audio and sound is part of most people's daily lives. In most cases, all you need is a small audio clip to recognize your favorite movie or television show. Hearing is one of the human senses that is most sensitive. Directly linked to memory, sounds can create pictures in the mind.

Listen to the following voices. Can you identify the movies or television shows?
(For answers, scroll to the bottom of the page)

Spoken Word

There are a wide range of spoken word audio materials available in libraries. Spoken word media consists of a person or persons speaking such as storytelling, poetry, public speeches, etc. The spoken words are sometimes accompanied by incidental musical or other sounds.

jimmy carterTo learn more, go to Wikipedia: Spoken Word.

Audiobooks are a popular examples found in libraries. In addition, many people listen to recorded radio programs and podcasts. In addition to early radio dramas, many of the current radio programs are found online. or instance, fans of National Public Radio (NPR) will find their programs available to stream or download. Look for radio websites such as This American Life that publish their programs both on CD and as podcasts.

Beginning in 1959, the annual Grammy Awards have selected a Best Spoken Word Album. Sometimes called audio art, recordings may include spoken word, sound, and music.

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In 2016, Jimmy Carter's book A Full Life: Reflections at Ninety won the Grammy Award for Best Spoken Word Album.
Listen to a sample.
Think about the pros and cons of a book's author as narrator.
Who would you like to hear read a book aloud?

Categories of Spoken Word Works

annetteAnnette's Reflections
My husband and I like to listen to short stories, essays, and comedy programs while traveling in the car. While many Americans are familiar with Prairie Home Companion, they may not know about Canada's Vinyl Cafe by Stuart McLean. This was popular CBC program available on radio, as podcasts, as well as CD.

I like to seek out high-quality global resources that might be lesser known by library users such as those from BBC or other areas such as Australia and New Zealand.

Spoken word audio works can be found in many different categories. Let's explore some examples.

Children's. From classical music for babies to audiobooks for teens, there many audio resources for kids. Where the Sidewalk Ends by Shel Silverstein is a classic example. Some match the books and others are musical versions.

vinlComedy. Comedians are known for their comedy audio recordings. You can find many current works by comedians such as Yes Please by Amy Poehler as well as historical sets such as And It’s Deep Too! that contains the works of Richard Pryor from 1968-1992. You’ll also want to explore comedic groups such as Monty Python that combine skits and songs.

Exercise. Many people enjoy listening to specialized audio while they walk, run, or ride a bike. Some play music and others contain motivational talks. Spoken word mixed with music is popular for yoga and pilates workouts.

Historical Connections. Many teachers like to use music from specific time periods to bring learning alive. Check out titles like Lewis and Clark: Sounds of DiscoveryThe Civil War – Traditional American Songs and Instrumental Music Featured in the Film by Ken Burns, and Down from the Mountain and O Brother, Where Art Thou soundtrack.

Historical Works. There are many interesting materials from specific time periods. For example, The Beat Generation is a box set that contains music, poetry, and speeches from the beat era including people such as Kerouac, Ginsberg, and Burroughs. Famous speeches, poetry, and storytelling are only a few of the audio materials of interest.

Sample some of the MP3 recordings at Poems and Presentations: Audio Selections at Digital Beats: Jack Kerouac, University of Massachusetts Lowell.

Many libraries have a copy of Great Speeches of the 20th Century. This box set of four CDs contains well-known as well as lesser known speeches from politicians, scientists, sports figures, and more. Speech collections are available for people such as Winston Churchill, Walter Cronkite, Martin Luther King Jr., John F. Kennedy.

Oyez: US Supreme Court Media provides over 2,000 recordings of oral arguments before the US Supreme Court. Note that The Oyez Project claims a limited copyright in these recordings; the recordings are licensed under a Creative Commons agreement that allows you to copy, adapt, distibute, and transmit these works as long as you give the Oyez Project credit and you don’t use the works for commercial purposes. The media is also available through iTunes as podcasts.

Instructional Audio. Whether you want to learn to dance, play the guitar, speak Spanish, you can find “how-to” instructional audios to help. Learning to play instruments such as the guitar, piano, harmonica, keyboard and others often contain a book, sheet music, charts, and sometimes even the instrument itself. Most popular languages are available on CD including Spanish, Italian, German, French, Portuguese, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and even Yiddish. Other types of instruction such as learning to play cards games or win at gambling are also popular.

Interviews. One can listen to interviews of people such as writers, musicians, authors. From Christopher Lydon and Radio Open Source, here's an interview (Jan 2011) of Isabel Wilkerson on the Great Migration (MP3 33 minutes), Pulitzer Prize-winning author of The Warmth of Other Suns: The Epic Story of America's Great Migration.

LiteratureAudio Books at Project Gutenberg is an audiobook source for spoken word recordings in the public domain. Audio recordings of the World English Bible are also in the public domain.

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Visit and explore LibriVox - The collection includes fiction, nonfiction, poetry, and dramatic works. LibriVox takes texts already in the public domain in the US, asks volunteers to make audio recordings of that text, and then releases the resulting audio back into the public domain. The texts are mostly from Project Gutenberg.

Poetry. Recorded poems by poets such as Langston Hughes and Maya Angelou are a great way to enjoy poetry. In addition, compilations are also available. For example, Our Souls Have Grown Deep Like the Rivers is a two-CD collection of African American poetry spanning the 20th century. Poetry can be brought to life by the right reader.

Radio Anthologies. Classic radio programs are still popular. Garrison Keillor’s Lake Wobegon stories from Prairie Home Companion is another example of a series that originated on Public Radio. Listen to podcasts of both the mixture of spoken word and musical performance from the Prarie Home Companion website.

Self-Help Audio. Since the 1960s business executives have listened to promotional and sales tactics audios. The area of self-help has grown in recent years.

Some materials are based on books, while other are only available in an audio format.

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Go to American Rhetoric. This website contains speeches across content areas including great speeches from feature films. Includes both audio and video.

Digital Audio Collections

I'm interested in listening to poetry online.
I need to listen to FDR's fireside chats for my class.
I'm doing an oral history project and I want to listen to some examples.

Beyond audiobooks, there are many other types of audio that library users might request. Many of these resources are found on websites or in online digital audio collections.

Some websites contain individual audio clips linked from a website. Rather than being stored in a searchable database, they may simply be embedded on individual pages with the website.

Increasingly, digital audio collections are available through libraries. These websites store digital objects in databases that use digital asset managements software. This allows users to easily search for audio clips by keywords. While some of these collections focus specifically on audio sources, most have integrated audio digital objects into their larger collections. An Advanced Search by format allows access to these files.

Subscription-based Entertainment Audio

Below are subscriptions commonly found in public libraries through local, regional, or state level access.

Audio in Subscription Databases

General subscription databases sometimes provide access to a wide range of audio clips. Many are offered through IUPUI, INSPIRE in Indiana, or through local libraries. The Advanced Search option in these databases allows users to search by the AUDIO format.

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Go to a subscription database from the list provided. Or, go to your library's subscription database offerings. Explore a major topic looking for the audio offerings. Or, do an Advanced Search and narrow your search to the AUDIO format.

Audio in Open Access Databases

From presidential libraries to historical society digital collections, library users can find speeches, oral histories, poetry, and many other types of spoken word audio files.

Listen to the following voices. Can you identify the famous speeches?
(For answers, scroll to the bottom of the page)

Presidential libraries often contain audio files of speeches and other oral communication.

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Visit a presidential library website.
Explore the website for their audio collections.

Digital Audio Collections

Many of the best resources are found in digital audio collections. Explore some examples below.

General Collections

In these general collections, users will need to choose or search by audio.

Historical & Interviews

Speeches and Interviews


Sound Sources

The world around us has all kinds of interesting sounds. Let's explore some of the options available.

Visit and explore the Freesound Project, a collaborative database of audio snippets, samples, recordings, bleeps. PacDV also allows use of sound effects from their web site free of charge in video, film, audio and multimedia productions (but NOT for re-sell or posting on a web site for download).

Digital Audio Clips. The following examples contain a wide variety of sound clips.

Sound Effects. Whether it’s spooky sounds for a Halloween party, silly answering machine messages, or general sound effects, there are a wide range of audio materials available. Sound effects CDs may have hundreds of sounds to explore: 300 Spectacular Sound Effects. Some CDs specialize in particular sounds such as cartoons. In many cases, free sounds effects are available through a simple Google search for the sound needed.

Listen to the following sounds. Can you identify them?
(For answers, scroll to the bottom of the page)

Nature Sounds. From songbirds and moose calls to babbling brooks and ocean waves, nature sound audio materials have gained in popularity.

Listen to the following sounds from nature. Can you identify them?
(For answers, scroll to the bottom of the page)

Some people like to listen to the sounds of nature while they read, relax, or sleep.

The Macaulay Library, at the Cornell Lab of Ornithology, is the world's largest archive of wildlife sounds and videos. Users can also download a master set of recordings.

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Go to the Macaulay Library's audio collection. Notice that in addition to hearing the sounds, you can see the spectrogram recordings.

Soundcloud has lots of stations that contain wildlife and nature sounds such as Wild Ambience.

The Thunderstorms recording is part of the Echoes of Nature series that also includes similar titles such as Bayous, Frog Chorus, Ocean Waves, and Rainforest. There are many possibilities. Songbirds: Field and Meadow and USA and Canada: A Selection of Common Birds Songs contain great bird calls.

Environmental and nature sound recordings are often found in the New Age section. Listen to sample sounds from Song of the Humpback Whale and Echoes of Nature: Thunderstorm.




Watch celebrities talk about why they love audiobooks. Go to the Audiobook Community YouTube Channel. Here are a few examples: Chelsea Clinton, James Patterson, Stephen King, and Kim Stanley Robinson. Also check others with the #LovesAudiobooks hashtag.

appleblossomAudiobooks are a particular type of spoken word work that may also include sound effects and music.

According to a Wall Street Journal article, audiobooks are the fastest growing book format.

One of the keys to an effective audiobook is the narrator. For instance, Dustin Hoffman recently voiced the book Appleblossom the Possum. On the ALA-ALSC's Children's Notable Recordings, the voice and story fit perfectly together.

Listen to an excerpt of Dustin Hoffman reading from Appleblossom the Possum.

Listening to a book can be a very different experience from reading on paper or on screen. This is particularly true of poetry and free-verse novels. In the audiobook Brown Girl Dreaming, the author narrates the book herself bringing added meaning to the book experience. Listen to a sample.

brown girl

Read Maloney, Jennifer (July 22, 2016). The fastest-growing format in publishing: audiobooks. The Wall Street Journal. Available through IUPUI.

Read Maughan, Shannon (Mary 30, 2016). Publishers move to cash in on digital audiobook boom. Publisher’s Weekly, 263(22). Available through IUPUI.

Read the Audio Publisher Association's Audiobook Fact Sheet. Available through IUPUI.
Read the Audio Publisher Association's Audiobook History Fact Sheet. Available through IUPUI.

Read Burkey, Mary (2013). Chapter 2: What is an audiobook? Why listen? Audiobooks for Youth: A Practical Guide to Sound Literature. ALA Editions.

Read Burkey, Mary (2013). Audiobooks lexicon. Audiobooks for Youth: A Practical Guide to Sound Literature. ALA Editions. Available through IUPUI.

You should read AT LEAST these two areas. However, the entire book is available as an ebook through IUPUI. If you're interested in school libraries or public youth services, it's highly recommended.

Listening to Audiobooks

Have you listened to a good book lately? More and more people are experiencing books through listening. Audiobooks can be used anywhere you can't hold a book and have something to do that doesn't require concentration. Whether cooking, cleaning, exercising, mowing the lawn or working in the garage, listening to a book is a great way to rejuvenate your mind. Rather than passing time with a popular magazine in a waiting room or line, why not turn on a book? Commuters and vacationers traveling by car, bus, train, or airplane can all enjoy books alone or as part of a family activity.

Learn more at Wikipedia: Audiobooks.

People who criticize audiobook listeners as "nonreaders" or "missing the joy of reading" are being charged with "sense discrimination" by those who enjoy this reading option.

Read at least ONE of the following articles:

Davidson, Tanya (February 19, 2013). In the World of Audiobooks, the Narrator Rules Supreme

Hall, Rachel Smalter (May 15, 2014). Audio everywhere. Library Journal, 139(9). Available through IUPUI.

Have, Iben & Pedersen, Birgitte Stougaard (2013). Sonic mediatization of the book: affordances of the audiobook. Journal of Media and Communication Theory, 29(54), 123-140. Available through IUPUI.

Saricks, Joyce (June 1-15, 2016). At leisure with Joyce Saricks: the audiobook boom. The Booklist, 112(19/20), 140. Available through IUPUI.

Saricks, Joyce (June 1-15, 2012). Celebrating audio. The Booklist, 108(19-20), 33. Available through IUPUI.

Wittkower, Dylan (2011). A Provisional Phenomenology of the Audiobook. Old Dominion University ODU Digital Commons. Available through IUPUI.

try itTry It!
Listen to an audiobook on a topic of your choice such as an Audie winner (Audio Publishers Association - APA honors the best titles in audio publishing). Listen in the car, doing housework, or relaxing, then create a list of the advantages and disadvantages of this format. Consider sharing the listening experience. How does that change the experience?

Subscription-based Collections

Many libraries provide access to subscription-based collections. While some of these collections are offered through individual libraries, many are part of a regional or state-wide consortium program.

Popular Subscription-based Services

annetteAnnette's Reflection
My husband and I like to download audiobooks from Overdrive and listen on long road trips. We often listen to award-winning young adult audiobooks because they're easy to follow and something we both enjoy. When The Fault in Our Stars came out, we knew we'd like this John Green title. We laughed and cried together as we drove the backroads of New Mexico on the way to Austin one Christmas. This shared listening experience brought us together in a way that separate, silent reading can't match.

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Spend some time exploring each of the subscription-based collections above.
1) Explore what's available and how the service works.
2) Visit your public library online and note what audiobook services are available. If you live in the Indianapolis areas, you have access to OneClickdigital, OverDrive, and TumbleBook Cloud Jr.

try itTry It!
Go to the Edmonton Public Library audiobook page. Notice their recent staff picks and how they share their collection with library users.


Open Access Audiobooks

Audio Collections for Special Needs Audiences

Audiobooks and Stories for Children

Some children's websites contain online stories with interactive elements. Some examples can be found below:

watsonsPlayAway Audio

While most people listen to books on CD or digital download, there's another option. Self-contained MP3 players are growing in popularity with libraries. The Playaway provides a book on a small portable MP3 player with earbuds. It requires a triple A battery. Many books are available in this format.

The Playaway Bookpack combines a print version of the book along with an audiobook. Booksets are also available.



radiolabThe word podcast was derived from the combination of "broadcasting" and "iPod." A podcast refers to a series of episodes rather than just one program. Individual podcast programs are sometimes called shows or episodes.

For instance, Radiolab is a "show about curiosity. Where sound illuminates ideas, and the boundaries blur between science, philosophy, and human experience." Serial is a spinoff from the popular This American Life program. It can be downloaded to iTunes or streamed online from the SerialPodcast page.

Podcasting is a method of automatically distributing multimedia files over the Internet. Podcasts are received via RSS feeds (really simple syndication) that allows the automatic download of audio files. It is like having a radio program delivered to your door every day, every week, or every so often. Podcasts were originally created to be heard on an iPod but the technology soon evolved so podcasts could be accessed across devices.

Podcasting terminology and technology is still evolving. The lines between technologies is sometimes blurred, overlapping and possibly confusing. When audio files are incorporated into blogs, it's still called audioblogging. Those audio files may supplement text blogs or be primarily audio journals. When mainly used to share music, the term MP3 blog, musicblog, or audioblog is often used.

To learn more, go to Wikipedia: Podcast.

Over the past decade, podcasting gone from a few websites to a popular listening format. Radio broadcasters were among the early adopters, providing downloadable files of their programs called "podcasts."

To learn more, go to Wikipedia: History of Podcasting.

science updateAccording to Edison Research (2016), interest in podcasts is rapidly rising. Their research found that 21% of American listened to a podcast in the past month. Edison Research reports

“that increase is some of the largest growth for the medium that we have observed in more than a decade of our podcast research, and represents an estimated 57 million Americans.”

Amy Borovoy (2015) notes that

“we are currently experiencing a renaissance of audio-only content not seen since the dawn of radio. Thanks to the ubiquity of mobile devices, we can bring amazing shows to our ears anywhere, anytime”

Many organizations began to create podcasts as a way to share their information. More recently, many radio broadcasts have reversed the feed to now include significant podcast components within their live programs. Today you can listen to literally hundreds of thousands of programs by their podcasts; everything from National Public Radio to coverage of a favorite sporting event.

TedTalks: Topics are popular across content areas.

try itTry It!
Go to Science Update and listen to a portion of a podcast from the (AAAS) American Association for the Advancement of Science.

nightvaleGetting Started with Podcasts

In order to listen to podcasts, you need a device such as a computer, tablet, or smartphone. Thousands of podcasts are available at the iTunes Store. You can also use free software such as Juice, a podcast receiver or podcast aggregator.

All that you have to do is find a program and subscribe or select the option to "listen now." If you stream (listen right away) the podcast, nothing gets downloaded to your computer; no need to worry about available storage space. Many people stream podcasts to see if they want to download and commit to receiving a show again and again (subscribe). An advantage to having a subscription is that the program(s) are downloaded when your computer or other device is connected, and you can playback or listen at your convenience or as many times as you wish. Just remember that the downloaded file will remain stored until you delete it, and audio files can fill up your memory fast.

Use a directory such as Stitcher or Podbay to locate podcasts. Or, do a Google search for a discipline and add the term "podcast". If you use iTunes, it's easy to search for podcasts. Seek out podcasts connected with national organizations, magazines, and public radio.

Popular Podcasts

One of the biggests sensations of the past few years is the podcast program Welcome to Nightvale. This podcast has drawn in listeners from around the world.

Read Goldsmith, Francisca (December 1, 2015). In the studio: Nightvale. AudioFile, 42-43. Available through IUPUI.

Another popular podcast is Serial. According to the website's About page, Serial "is a podcast from the creators of This American Life, hosted by Sarah Koenig. Serial tells one story—a true story—over the course of a season."

Read Saricks, Joyce (February 1, 2015). At leisure with Joyce Saricks: catching the wave. The Booklist, 111(111), 21. Available through IUPUI.

Browse some other sources of popular podcasts.

Podcasts for Kids

Podcasts are also popular with children. Some parents and teachers encourage young people to listen to podcasts on the bus, on car trips, or while waiting for events.

Explore some examples below:

Podcast Directories

Directories such as The Podcast Directory index and categorize podcasts can help you quickly locate programs of interest.

Audioboom. Audioboom is a digital, on-demand, streaming audio platform. The website's About page states it's "the leading podcasting and on-demand audio platform for hosting, distributing and monetising content."

Stitcher provides access to sports, news, and entertainment programming.

LearnOutLoud and ListenWise are services that provide easy access to podcasts. Although aimed at the K-12 community, they're useful for anyone seeking access to quality podcasts.

Podcasting - Library Success: A Best Practices Wiki links to several libraries offering selected podcast resources.

try itTry It!
Listen to an episode from Nightvale or Serial.
Or, use ListenWise or Audioboom to find a topic of interest.

Live Streaming Audio & Radio

Radio has been a part of our history for over 100 years. Today's radio broadcasts contain many of the same features as the originals including music, news, discussion, interviews, sports descriptions, and advertising.

Radio Defined

Radio is a way of sending sounds through the air by electrical waves. Radio also refers to the equipment that is used to send and receive those broadcast waves and convert them into sounds.

"Radio, the shortened name for radiotelegraphy, is an important means of communication. It enables people to send words, music, codes, and other signals to every part of the world and even into deep space. Radio works by creating communication signals and changing them into radio waves, a type of electromagnetic wave. These radio waves are then transmitted through the air and space at the speed of light - - 186,282 miles per second. They can even get through some solid objects, like building walls. A radio receiver changes the waves back into their original sounds.

Broadcasting ranks as the most familiar and widespread use of radio. Radio broadcasts feature music, news, discussions, interviews, descriptions of sports events, and advertising. In earlier times before widespread use of television, radio also delivered dramas, comedies, variety shows, live music, and other kinds of programs. Today, many people wake up to clock radios, drive to their work listening to car radios, and also spend some of their leisure time hearing their favorite radio programs. In addition to broadcasting, radio is also used for quick communication by pilots, police officers, firefighters, and other individuals. Scientists use radio waves to learn about the weather. Some telephone messages are carried by radio. Some radio enthusiasts operate their own amateur radio stations. In other kinds of uses, radio beams send communication signals for navigation instruments and remote control devices for all kinds of different equipment." - 42explore

While in the past many shows included dramas, comedies, and variety shows, today's programming tends to focus on music, news, discussions, and sports. Also, look for Spanish language, religion, talk, and materials for kids.

Today, radio is a term that's been extended to live satellite and Internet broadcasts.

Radio Broadcasts Vs Radio Webcasts

Many websites now offer live and recorded radio programming. Many of the recorded programs are offered in a podcasting format.

Thousands of radio stations provide live broadcasts using streaming audio technology. This is also called webcasting or Internet radio. Although traditional radio will continue, watch for ongoing growth in the web market.

To learn more, go to Wikipedia: Internet Radio.

Use a web directory to find the lists of radio stations who provide webcasts. Most of these sites can be searched by call letter, country, or format. Some of the best starting points for live radio are listed below.

Radio Archives

annetteAnnette's Reflection
Right now, it's difficult to get a radio station started through the FCC. As a result, many local start-ups are simply streaming online.

A local non-profit where I live is starting a radio station. Right now, they're playing recorded programming including oral history projects, classical music, and news interviews. In the future, they're hoping to be able to stream live programming.

Check it out at KWAN Radio from Torrey, Utah.

Increasingly, individuals are using iTunes Radio, Amazon Radio, and other subscription-based services.

annetteAnnette's Reflection
I was a very early adopter of online radio. I followed Pandora from its beginnings when it was simply a research project focusing on genres and listener preferences. What I found intriguing about this system was the way it adjusted to meet my interests. Over the years, I've tried tools such as iTunes Radio, but I hate commercials and don't want to pay the subscription free. Recently, I've found that Amazon Prime Music meets my needs for ad-free listening. Living in an remote area, I use Amazon for shopping, so Amazon Prime works for me.

try itTry It!
Listen to some radio programming on the web. Which station did you find most interesting? What are some advantages and disadvantages to this technology for radio listening? Speculate on the future of web radio.

Then, do a search for online radio near you. Think about how you could collaborate with this station on local interest stories.

Radio Programming

Beyond music programming that will be discussed on a different page, explore some of the different types of programming available.

Children/Teens. Some stations cater to kids. For example, the Radio Disney has music that kids love. The website has activities, as well as information about local radio stations. It also gets users involved with surveys and lots of downloads.

Religious. A growing number of religious radio stations are webcasting their programs. Find programming as sites like (1) Christian Radio.com, (2) Christian Tuner, (3) Global Catholic Network, (4) Mormon Radio,

Native American. AIROS Audio from Native American Public Communications (NAPT) and Native Radio provide authentic First Nations Broadcasting.

News. You can listen to local and national news on your local stations. Or, try some international stations for some interesting perspectives on the news.

Schools. Use K-12 Schools from Radio Locator and Streaming Radio Guide.com to locate and connect to streaming radio stations. For instance, WNAS (88.1 FM) is the student-run radio station of New Albany High School and Floyd Central High School in southern Indiana, (along with WNAS-TV). The station's call letters, WNAS, reflect the ownership by New Albany High School. The first FM student-run high school radio station to be licensed by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), WNAS has been broadcasting live since May 1949.

Jefferson High School (IN) is another example of a school with a radio station. Check out their schedule.

Talk. Use streaming radio to find interesting talk radio options.

World Languages. Trying to learn a foreign language? Practice using radio. You can listen to radio broadcasts in dozens of different languages. Check out Radio Bilingüe, a satellite network formed to provide news, information, and cultural programming in Spanish and musical programs showcasing a variety of Latino formats with emphasis on Mexican folk and Afro-Caribbean rhythms. Explore Radio France Internationale for French language.

National Public Radio. National Public Radio is a Webby Award winnning radio statation. A number of NPR's regular programs are streamed live or stored and replayed from the archives. These programs include NPR Hourly News, NPR Program Stream, All Things Considered, Morning Edition, and Talk of the Nation. Many programs have their own website with archives. Some examples are below:

Other Public Radio Programming Resources

Around the Globe

Audio Conferencing

Let's think a little about audio conferencing. A few years ago, this usually meant a traditional telephone conference call but today with the Internet, there are several more options.

Instant messaging (IM) involves real-time communication between two or more people through a network such as the Internet. Although instant messaging traditionally involves text-based sharing, many of the IM services now provide tools for sharing images, audio, and video. In addition to software and an Internet connection, you'll also need a web cam and microphone. Most devices now include a camera and microphone. However, these accessories can be added to older computers.

Instant messaging often includes audio and video. Audio is known as Voice over IP (VoIP) or voice chat.

Many Apple users use FaceTime for instant messaging.

Services such as Skype provide proprietary peer-to-peer Voice over IP (VoIP) networks that can be used to conduct telephone-like conversations and conferences over the Internet.

To learn more, go to Wikipedia: Instant Messaging, Wikipedia: FaceTime, or Wikipedia: Skype.


Burkey, Mary (2013). Audiobooks for Youth: A Practical Guide to Sound Literature. ALA Editions.

Grover, Sharon & Hannegan, Lizette D. (2012). Listening to Learn: Audiobooks Supporting Literacy. ALA Editions.


Movies and Television
Monty Python’s Holy Grail
Ferris Bueller’s Day Off
Batman TV Show
Jurassic Park

Apollo 11 Neil Armstrong (1969)
Ronald Reagan (1987)
Martin Luther King (1963)
John F. Kennedy (1961)

Sound Effects
Bicycle bell
Door opening
Cuckoo clock
Toilet flushing

Nature Sounds

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