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Where can I business-related podcasts I can listen to in my car?
Where can I learn about the latest tax rules?
Where can I see advertisements so I can compare my marketing strategies?

From business podcasts and YouTube videos to marketing archival materials, many digital collections feature audio and video sources.

Business Information Sources

Business includes accounting and taxation, business administration, business ethics, business informatics, business law, entrepreneurship and small business administration, finance, human resources management, industrial relations, international business, management, marketing, risk management and insurance, and related fields.

How are audio and video used in the business?


Accessing current information is of particular interest to those seeking business audio and video sources. YouTube provides video channels focused on news such as Business News.

Also, look for television programs focusing on business topics such as Bloomberg Live, CNBC, and Reuters.

burtDocumentaries and Field Video

Many documentaries focus on business ventures. Burt's Buzz is a documentary examining the founding of Burt's Bees. Look for the business category in any other documentary services.

Tutorials and Demonstrations

Video tutorials and demonstrations can be helpful when dealing with complex business and finance topics. The IRS Videos website provides useful videos for those interested in tax information.

Presentations and Programs

TED Talks are particularly popular in business. Also, seek out talks by popular business authors and personalities.

Interviews and Profiles

Business professionals are often interested in hearing about people who have found success. The Entrepreneurial Thought Leaders podcast features leaders from many different industries.

Public Service Announcements

Public Service Announcements can be useful to people who own small businesses. For instance, the government's Ready! website provides PSAs on preparing for disasters.

Archives and Research

Business researchers often look to history for ideas. For instance, marketers may seek out historical advertisements for inspiration. The The Living Room Candidate website allows users to compare political campaign ads over time.

Audio and Video in the Library

Audio, video, and interactive collections are an important part of most library collections.

Public librarians are faced with business-related questions on a regular basis. Use video materials to help users understand key concepts or present ideas in innovative ways. Many governments resources such as those from the Small Business Administration are increasingly shared through audio, video, and interactive means.

Many business schools have their own libraries and librarians. This focused area of librarianship includes both current and archival business information sources.

In addition to traditional library settings, corporate librarians have a special interest in audio and video resources related to business.


Both audio is important to many areas of business. Many nonfiction audiobooks are now available.


Podcasts can be found across business areas. For example, Planet Money from National Public Radio.

Podcasts are often associated with organizations, books, or periodicals. For instance, The Tim Ferris Show focuses on a wide range of business topics.

Many public radio stations provide podcasts related to business. For instance, I Built This provide stories about innovators, entrepreneurs, and idealists.

When seeking podcasts, look for areas with logical connections to audio such as public service resources.

Explore Podbay's lists of podcasts related to Business.


Video recordings can be found across science, technology, mathematics, and health.


Many of the ProQuest, EBSCOhost, and Gale subscription databases contain audio and video clips. Do an advanced search focusing on your topic of interest.

Association Videos

Open Access Video

Marketing Resources


A few interactives are available for business professionals as well as consumers and students.

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