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Audio and Video Sources 6: Use from Annette Lamb on Vimeo.
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olderwomenA recent Pew Research Center (Horrigan, 2016) survey found that 96% of respondents felt that libraries should be offering programs that teach people to use digital tools including computers, smartphones, and apps.

Many people want to be able to use audio and video materials, but they don't know how. Whether it's downloading the Overdrive app on a tablet or hooking up an external DVD player to their laptop, librarians of all types are involved in teaching, learning, and media literacy.

Library visitors use audio and video collections in many different ways. How do people use your collection? How do you assist users in the effective use of audio and video?

Let's explore the following six areas:


Horrigan, John B. (September 9, 2016). Libraries 2016. Pew/Internet.

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