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The Book as Intellectual Property

Watch the video, then read the page. 

We've discussed the book as an artifact and as an author's work. It's time to turn our attention to the book as intellectual property.

According to Joan Reitz (2012), intellectual property are the

"tangible products of the human mind and intelligence entitled to the legal status of personal property, especially works protected by copyright, inventions that have been patented, and registered trademarks. An idea is considered the intellectual property of its creator only after it has been recorded or manifest in specific form."

The idea of the contents of books as property is a relatively new concept in book history. However the roots go far back in time. They also have implications today. Is it possible to own an idea? At what point does a remix of earlier ideas because something new? If you own an electronic book, should you be able to loan it to a friend like a paper book?

This section of the course explores the book as intellectual property. Explore each of the following pages in this section.

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