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Welcome to S580: History of Libraries

From stone tablets to digital tablets, the history of libraries is a fascinating exploration of culture, politics, and society around the world. Whether exploring the great Library of Alexandria or rural libraries of the 1900s, there's something for everyone interested in understanding the impact libraries have had on life through history as well as the way society has shaped libraries.

From hidden walls in the libraries of Ancient China to book burnings of the 20th century, the history of libraries is filled with intrigue and adventure along with censorship and destruction. Join me Summer I for an engaging 100% online course. History has never been so relevant AND exciting!

Regardless of whether you're interested in academic, school, public, corporate, health, and/or other special library settings, this course is a great elective. To plan and succeed in the future, we must learn from the past!

Explore the Course Materials section to read the Syllabus, explore the Calendar, Tips and Checklist, or access the Course Guide. When you're ready to begin, work your way through the six sections of the course: The Beginnings of Libraries, Ancient Libraries, Early Libraries, Modern Libraries, Contemporary Libraries, and Library of Today and Tomorrow.

If you enjoy teaching, learning, and libraries as much as we do, learn more about our online courses for graduate credit from anywhere in the world!

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