Literature Ladders

Themes and Literature Circles

Traditionally, we've used literature in English, language arts, and reading, but teachers are increasingly integrating books and other reading resources into math, science, social studies and other content areas. By drawing on the natural relationships among subjects, students can see how the curriculum connects to the world around them. Literature-rich units can also assist students in addressing essential questions associated with required educational standards as well as life-long learning concerns.

By linking what they read to their own experiences, children and young adults can better understand themselves as well as others. Thematic learning experiences can bring various subjects together in meaningful and interesting ways. Literature circles are a way for students to share these experiences. The Internet can extend this idea by providing a worldwide audience for sharing, along with resources for better understanding the literature. Finally, technology tools can assist students in accessing, organizing, analyzing, and communicating their approaches to essential questions.

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Thematic and Literature Circle Starters

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