Colonial America

Colonial America make a good thematic topic. The following websites will get you started in your exploration: 
Internet Connections
42eXplore: Colonial Life
Children in Colonial America
Colonial America Theme
Colonial History - Grade 3
Technology-Book Connections
US Colonial America
Book Ideas
Courage of Sarah Noble by Alice Dalgliesh - CyberGuide
If You Lived in Colonial Times, by Ann McGovern
If You Sailed on the Mayflower in 1620, by Ann McGovern
Mary Geddy's Day: A Colonial Girl in Williamsburg, by Kate Waters
N.C. Wyeth's Pilgrims, by Robert San Souci
On the Mayflower: Voyage of a Ship's Apprentice & A Passenger Girl, by Kate Waters
The Pilgrims at Plymouth, by Lucille Recht Penner
The Pilgrims of Plimoth, by Marcia Sewall
The Pilgrim's First Thanksgiving, by Ann McGovern
Samual Eaton's Day, A Day in the Life of A Pilgrim Boy, by Kate Waters
Sarah Morton's Day, A Day in the Life of A Pilgrim Girl, by Kate Waters

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