All About Me - Celebrating Diversity

All About Me and Celebrating Diversity are popular topics in the primary grades making them an excellent topic for an interdisciplinary, thematic unit. You might incorporate cultural, racial, or economic diversity. This would also be good for a special needs unit.


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Title: Masupial Sue
Author: John Lithgow
Publisher: Simon & Schuster, 2001
ISBN: 0689843941
Ages: 4-8
Summary: Marsupial Sue is a kangaroo thinks the "grass might be greener" as another type of animal. In the end, she discovers that it's okay to be a kangaroo. This book comes with a CD-audio.
Author Information: Author Information
Book Ideas: Book Information, 42eXplore: Marsupials

Title: It's Okay to be Different
Author: Todd Parr
Publisher: Little Brown, 2001
ISBN: 0316666033
Ages: 3-6
Summary: The illustrations and brief text describe all kinds of differences and it's okay. We learn that understanding and accepting our differences is what makes each person great. Each one of us has a unique personality and traits. We are all different!
Author Information: Author Website, Author Email
Book Ideas:
Make your own list of "It's Okay to Be Different Things". Make your own illustrations for your list. Take a look at the author/illustrator Todd Parr's Art Gallery and Activities and Teacher Resources.

Title: I Like Me
Author: Nancy Carlson
Publisher: Pearson, 1990
ISBN: 0140508198
Ages: 4-8
Author Information: Nancy Carlson, Author Links
Book Ideas: Getting To Know You Lesson

Title: Chrysanthemum
Author: Kevin Henkes
Publisher: Mulbery, 1996
ISBN: 0688147321
Ages: 4-8
Summary: Chrysanthemum learns that's okay to have a unique name.
Author Information: Kevin Henkes Links, Official Website
Book Ideas: Chrysanthemum Four Blocks Ideas, More Ideas, Linking Tech and Literacy

Title: Leo the Late Bloomer
Author: Robert Kraus, Jose Aruego (Illustrator)
Publisher: Harper Collins, 1994 (reissued)
ISBN: 006443348X
Ages: 4-8
Summary: Leo learns that it's okay to be different.
Author Information: Illustrator Links
Book Ideas: Lesson, Speech Therapy Ideas

Title: Different Just Like Me
Author: Lori Mitchell
Publisher: Charlesbridge Publishing, 1999
ISBN: 0881069752
Ages: 4-8
Summary: April explores the explores the similarities and differences among people. This is a springboard for discussions about diversity. Deals with issues related to the skin condition Vitiligo.
Author and Book Information: Different Just Like Me Lesson, Teacher Guide PDF

Other Good Books
Be Good to Eddie Lee by Virginia Fleming
The Tacky Penguin by Helen Lester

Technology Connections
Try some of the following activities using the software in your classroom, lab, or library:
  • KidPix or Paint Software. Draw a picture of likes and dislikes. Create a self portrait. Use stamps to "tell about me".
  • Kidspiration or Inspiration. Create an All About Me diagram.
  • Word Processor. Write an autobiography.
  • Digital Camera. Use a digital camera to show "me".
  • Email. Share and discussion photographs with epals.

Internet Connections
Teacher Resources and WebQuests
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Cultural Awareness/Sharing Traditions
Cultures of Our Nation
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I Like Me Unit
KinderKorner All About Me
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