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Literature-based WebQuests

All Quiet on the Western Front (High School).

An Interview with William Shakespeare (High School).

Archetypal Siddhartha Webquest (HIgh School). Students explore Carl Jung's archetype theory, literary archetypes, and archetypes represented in Siddhartha, then create their own mandala compiling everything they have learned about archetypes and including personal connections.

Are Humans Animals After All? (High School). Based on the book How I Live Now by Meg Rosoff. Focuses on persuasive writing.

The Art of Communication: Women's Plight to Be Heard - An Internet WebQuest on 19th Century Women Artists and Writers (High School). Explore women authors.

Becoming a Biographer and Analyzer (High School). Based on the poet Christina Rossetti, students create a biography and a timeline about her. They must also do a poem analysis on one of Christina's poems.

Birds of Another Feather: A Webquest for To Kill a Mockingbird (High School). Students think about the story of To Kill a Mockingbird from the perspectives of some of the minor characters in the novel and write a story from the point of view of some of the minor characters, and then design and bind the book.

Beowulf vs Grendel & Co: Good and Evil in Literature (High School)

Charles Dickens (High School).

Commedia dell'arte: Italian Drama in the late 16th Century - A WebQuest (High School).

Compare Poe (High School). Students compare Edgar Allan Poe to one of three pre-Poe authors and then one of three post-Poe authors, then decide wheter Poe was truly unique or a follower of the pack.

Create A Heroic Character (High School). Based on reading Homer's Iliad.

The Crucible (High School).

Crucible & McCarthyism (High School). Compare The Crucible to the political happenings of McCarthyism during the 1950's.

CSI: Lord of the Flies (High School). Conduct an investigation based on the book Lord of the Flies.

Digital Poetry: Thoughts in Motion (High School). Young people fuse words with images and music to make a deeper connection with the audience.

Does the Punishment Fit the Crime? (High School). Rite of Passage by Richard Wrigh. After reading the book and learning about the time period, write a letter to the governor of New York about whether to reduce Baldy's sentence or impose the death penalty.

Doll's House Letters to...Nora and Torvald by Henrik Ibsen (High School). Nora and Torvald are ten years older. You will be one of them. How has Norway shaped your future?

Dream House of the Gods (High School). Students work to design the perfect house for one of the Greek gods or goddesses based on their knowledge of their god or goddess' character traits and relationships with other characters of Greek mythology.

Echoes of a Dream (High School). For American Literature and the Civil Rights Movement.

eGallery of Tragic Heroes in Literature and Life (High School).

Elizabethan Theatre: The Dawn of Modern Drama (High School).

Extra! Extra! Read All About It! The Great Gatsby (High School)

Fahrenheit 451 WebQuest - Book Burning: It's Not Just Science Fiction (High School). Learn about the past, present, and future censorship while reading Fahrenheit 451. Also, Fahrenheit 451

Flying Cloud (High School). Based on David W. Shaw's book Flying Cloud.

F. Scott Fitzgerald and the 1920s (High School). Based on the book The Great Gatsby. Become "party planners" and collaborate to plan a Jazz Age bash F. Scott and Zelda Fitzgerald worthy of Scott and Zelda Fitzgerald themselves.

Frankenstein 2018 (High School). Focuses on the Gothic elements of her novel and its film adaptations

From Revolting to Revolution: Animal Farm and the Student Code of Conduct (High School). Based on the novel Animal Farm. Students create a multimedia presentation to persuade the local school board to re-think its student code of conduct.

Gatsby Meets the Press (High School). Based on The Great Gatsby.

Good and Evil in Lord of the Flies: Island of Misadventure (High School). Based on the book Lord of the Flies by William Golding

The Grapes of Wrath-What If This Happened To You? (High School).

The Grapes of Wrath: Concept of the American Dream (High School). Evaluate how John Steinbeck’s portrayal of The American Dream in The Grapes of Wrath relates to real events in history.

Greek Mythology Tabloid (High School).

Greek Mythology and The Odyssey (High School).

Harry Potter: Describing people within Harry Potter's world (High School).

Heart of Darkness (High School)

Holes WebQuest (High School).

Horror Author Study. (High School).

House on Mango Street by Sandra Cisneros (High School). Design, build, and furnish a house suitable for Esperanza.

The Inferno (High School). Explore Dano's Inferno.

Inherit the Wind (High School). Students research historical figures and come to a round table to discuss their findings, plus question their opposition for value of opposing them. Group and individual work required.

In the Lake of the Woods Web Study (High School).

Jonathan Livingston Seagull (HIgh School)

Kumeyaay Prose Slam (High School). Following research, students develop an original Kumeyaay persona character, and then write a descriptive narrative in keeping with the character, and perform their piece at the big event: The Kumeyaay Prose Slam. Combines Cultural Awareness, Social Studies Research, Descriptive Writing, and Oral Presentation.

The Last Spin by Ed McBain (High School). Explores teenage street gangs.

Lie and Live or Tell the Truth and Die? The Crucible, McCarthy Hearings and History Repeating (High School). Based on the Crucible by Arthur Miller.

Life Experiences, An Influential Factor in an Authors' Style (High School)

Lord of the Flies (High School)

Macbeth is a Bad, Bad Man: Evil in Literature (High School). Students identify imagery that Shakespeare uses to portray Macbeth as an evil chararacter.

Mass Hysteria!: A WebQuest on applications of Arthur Miller's The Crucible (High School).

A Method to the Madness! (High School). Learn the art of comedy through William Shakespeare, as well as modern television comedies. Students will watch TV comedies as well as a movie version of A Midsummer Night's Dream in order to analyze just what makes something funny.

The New Shadow (High School). Based on The Lord of the Rings. Students resolve the conflict encountered in their quest.

Odyssey (High School). Create an amusement park based on the Odyssey. Examine the stories and characters of Greek mythology and create a modern soap opera. Others based on Odyssey: Odyssey, Odyssey WebQuest, As Mt. Olympus Turns... WebQuest, Odyssey Quest, Odyssey: Exploring Cultural Values, Journey Continues

Of Mice and Men (HIgh School). Your task is to analyze one of the characters in the novel, Of Mice and Men, by John Steinbeck, to determine how the character thinks, feels and acts throughout the novel. Also, Of Mice and Men: Back in Time also Of Mice and Men: Migrant Workers? Of Mice and Men

Poetry Album Cover (High School)

Poetry in Motion (High School).

Poetry of War (High School). Designed for young people who don't like poetry.

Poetry WebQuest (High School).

Project Frankenstein (High School).

Putting George on Trial: Taking Of Mice and Men into the Courtroom. (High School)Based on Of Mice and Men.You are a participant in the trial of The People of the State of California v. George Milton. You will be a judge, lawyer, juror, bailiff, court reporter, defendant, or witness.

Raisin in the Sun by Lorraine Hansberry (High School). Mama has just received the $20,000 insurance money from Mr. Younger's death. Each of you have your own ideas on how the money should be spent. Also, Raisin in the Sun.

Romeo and Juliet: A Quest Upon the Web (High School).

Remembering the Holocaust with Hyperlinked Poetry (High School). Based on the narrative, Night.

The Scottsboro Boys' Trials: Race, Gender, and Lies (High School). Students investigate the main trials by reading and analyzing primary sources.

A Separate Peace (High School).

Searching for Lost Horizon (High School). Based on Lost Horizon. Your job will be to map your journey and write what you discovered on your journey to Shangri-La.

Shakespeare Land (High School). Design a theme park that celebrates the style of Shakespeare.

Shakespeare Survival Guide (High School).

Shakespeare WebQuest (High School).

Speak to Stop the Silence (High School). Based on the book Fahrenheit 451.

Steam Engines & Rabbit Holes: How Did the Industrial Revolution Influence Literature? (High School). Based on Alice in Wonderland. Learn how the Industrial Revolution affected the literature of the time.

Short Story (High School). Based I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings by Maya Angelou. Students write short stories.

A Swiftly Tilting Planet (High School).

Things Fall Apart (by Chinue Achebe): Exploration of African Tribes (High School). Your presence is requested at the first annual Tribal Chiefs Conference. Representatives from each of six tribes will gather and share information. 

Things Fall Apart: Understanding Context through Expert Interviews (High School).

Things Fall Apart - WebQuest (High School).

Threads of Change in 19th Century America (High School).

To Kill a Mockingbird (High School). Your group will write and design an issue of The Maycomb Tribune, the local newspaper of the fictional town in To Kill a Mockingbird.

Traveling the Road Not Taken with Robert Frost (High School). Explore the poetry of Robert Frost.

Walt Whitman Webquest: Singing the praises of American life (High School). Students will analyze and evaluate how Walt Whitman celebrates the seemingly ordinary aspects of America and Americans through the reading of "I Hear America Singing" and "Song of Myself". Groups post their findings on the class blogspace and then conduct an image search in order to produce a Power Point presentation showcasing American landscapes, lives, and ideals worthy of praise. Individuals will write their own celebration poem and recite it during an in-class poetry cafe event.

White Water WebQuest (High School)

Will the Real William Shakespeare Please Stand Up? (High School). Assume the role of a juror and compile evidence to solve the Shakespearean authorship question.

William WIlson by Edgar Allan Poe (High School).

A Wind in the Door (High School).

A Wrinkle in Time (High School)

Other English and Language Arts Topics

Academic Honesty (High School)

American Liberty Quest (High School)

Are You Prepared if Disaster Strikes? (High School)

Art of Persuasion (High School).

Conspiracy Theories (High School).

Creatures of Hispanic Legend and Folklore (High School).

Cyber Science Mag (High School).

Dictionary, Schmictionary (High School).

An Exploration of Censorship (High School).

Extra! Extra! The 1920’s: A Decade in Review (High School).

Fact or Fiction? (High School)

Folklore Creatures (High School)

Glass Slippers Just Won't Do (Middle and High School).

Grammar WebQuest (High School)

Honesty & Integrity in Academics: Avoiding Plagiarism (High School).

Japanese Internment Camps (High School)

Lights, Camera, Action (High School)

Morse CodeQuest (High School)

Never, Never Again (High School)

Oprah Show (High School)

A Quest for Peace (High School)

The Salem Witch Trials (High School)

Time Travel (High School). Students take the point of view of a character in time.

Unsolved Mysteries (High School). Solve a mystery.

What Color is Racism? (High School).

The Write Stuff (High School).

Yellow Journalism: The Spanish-American War (High School). Create a newspaper that explores the Spanish-American War and the role of Yellow Journalism in the war.

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