Skunks: Sweet or Smelly? WebQuest

Some people think skunks look cute and sweet. Others think they are awful and smelly. You decide.

The local newspaper wants to start a new Sunday feature called Animal Antics. They're looking for both factual and fictional stories about local animals.

They want to start with common animals such as skunks. Skunks can be found almost everywhere!

Your job is to write a story. Then, write a letter about why your story should be the first one for the new feature.

The Mission

Learn about skunks. Write a story. Write a letter about why your story should be chosen.

The Process

Activity 1:

Find a reading buddy. Talk about what you already know about skunks. Then, read about them. Talk about the new things you learned.

Choose an option that fits your information need:

Activity 2:

Create an Inspiration or Kidspiration document or a paper and pencil concept map showing information about the skunk. Be sure to include characteristics, habitat, family, and enemies. Select those facts you will include in your story.

Activity 3:

Do you think skunks are super, or just smelly? Think about the kind of story you want to write. Choose one of the following types of stories or invent your own. Be sure to include accurate information about your skunk.

  • Write about a day or year in the life of a skunk.
  • Write a story about a local skunk that becomes famous.
  • Write about an adventure that a skunk might have.
  • Write about what might happen if a skunk's home is destroyed.
  • Create a comic strip with a skunk character.

Activity 4:

Write a letter to the local newspaper about why your story should be chosen as the new Animal Antics feature.

The Conclusion

Find out if skunks live near your school or home. Write about what you would do if you found a skunk.


Note: All photographs taken with a digital camera in Utah.
Developed by Annette Lamb and Larry Johnson, 05/02.