Newberys & the Net:
Thematic Technology Connections

Whether it was your fifth grade teacher who required one for a book report or a librarian who suggested a title, you've probably read a Newbery award-winning book. This site, the suggested links, and the accompanying book provide ways to extend, expand, and enhance these classics. For more information about the Newbery Medal, check out the American Library Association website.

For more information about Annette Lamb, contact her at Lamb Learning Group. Dr. Lamb visits schools and works with teachers on integrating technology into the curriculum! For more information about the book Newberys and the Net, check out Vision to Action.

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We had a tough time trying to decide the best way to organize this site. Some people suggested organizing the books in chronological order by the year they received their award. We also considered alphabetical order by title or author and by topic such as historic fiction and biography. The beauty of the Internet is the ability to organize the books in all of these ways. You can view Newberys by Award Year, Title, Author, or Theme.
Book Selection
This site is currently under construction. When we're done, we'll have over 140 books included. Ultimately we'll include all Newbery Medal and Honor books from 1980 through 2001 and all Medal and selected Honor books from 1950 to 1999. Other personal favorites from 1922 to 1950 will also be included.
We haven't included Internet resources for every Newbery book. Some books didn't seem to benefit by adding outside resources, while others seemed dated or lacked appeal for today's readers. We're still in the process of posting books, so your favorite may appeal in the near future.
Book Resources
Each Newbery book page contains the title, author, award date, grade level, and topics covered. In addition, it includes links to author information, lesson plans, and other teacher resources. Finally, web resources have been listed that can extend, expand, or enhance particular topics or themes from the book.
We've chosen not to include discussion questions, chapter outlines, and traditional book reports guidelines. Instead, this site will focus on real-world resources, interesting connections, and motivating activities.
If you're interested in specific activities and projects that accompany the websites, consider purchasing the book by Annette Lamb and Nancy Smith titled Newberys & the Net.

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