Teacher Tap

Making It Meaningful

Help your students apply real-world facts and statistics to genuine questions, problems, and situations to build standards-based math and science skills. Participants will experience practical approaches to building meaningful classroom activities and assessments using science content, math skills, easy-to-use technology tools and quality websites. Make math and science relevant, enjoyable, and just plain fun!

We'll explore topics in the following five areas:

To get started, explore the Prezi project "Math Is Not Linear." If it's not showing below, go to the website.

Maria Anderson (author of above Math is not linear) maintains a great blog called Teaching College Math. She's looking for new ways to reach young people. Here are some other interesting math examples using Prezi:

bugDo you like to read with Prezi or does it drive you crazy?
How is it like and unlike PowerPoint?

Use the links on the left to move through this online workshop.

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