enriching mind logoEnriching Student Minds:
Meaningful Learning Experiences through
Technology-Rich Information Inquiry

Learning is about choices and challenges. Learn to develop technology-rich, inquiry-based learning experiences. Create mental synergy by combining motivating activities with critical and creative thinking.

Use these links to access the activities on this page:

Enriching Minds

flat stanley Explore Dr. Lamb's Flat Stanley Project. Discuss how you could create your own Flat Stanley project with a field trip, connection with other schools, or other activity.

epals logoGo to Epals and find a classroom in another state or country at your grade level. Or, find a classroom that studies at topic or reads a book that's in your curriculum.


Class Projects and Activities
Organism Classification
GIS Project
20th Century Project - Videos of 20th Century
Alamo Websites: Alamo, American West, First Person Accounts

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Mindfulness and Meaningfulness

Mindful Activities

42explore logo Explore 42explore Projects - topic or subject index.


Read!Write!Think! Letter Generator
Read!Write!Think! Calendar

3 ways to mindfulness logoLook Closely
Private Eye, BBC Learning: Plants, Most Wanted Bugs, and Photo Gallery


3 ways to mindfulness logoPossibilities & Perspectives
American Memories, Primary Resources and Real-World Data, National Archives
75 Ways to Use Digital Camera, Google Images


3 ways to mindfulness logoIntroduce Ambiguity
BBC Human Body, National Math Trail


Collaboration and Communication

  • Identify Problem
  • Collect Data
  • Graph Data - NCES Create a Graph website
  • Write Conclusions
  • Reflect on Activity

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go to teacher tapExplore Visual Resources from Teacher Tap
Map of the US



tiny multimedia seeds logoExplore Multimedia Seeds including Radio & Audio Webcasts, Remote Audio, Remote Music, Video Clips, Streaming Video, Remote TV.


42explore logo Explore 42explore Projects - topic or subject index.
42explore: Owls

go to teacher tapExplore Evaluating Internet Resources.
Explore News Resources from Teacher Tap.
Headline Spot

go to teacher tapExplore Web-based Contests, Fairs, & Publishing from Teacher Tap.
Explore ThinkQuest Projects
Student ThinkQuest - Owl Project
Explore Online Annual Events from Teacher Tap.

Go to Houghton Mifflin Evaluation Station. Explore tools for self-evaluating different types of writing such as Opinion Essay, Persuasive Essay, Compare-Contrast Essay, Research Report, Personal Narrative, and Story. This is good practice using the web for reading and interaction.

information inquiry logo Explore Information Inquiry for Teachers.
Explore Big 6.
Explore InfoZone.
Explore Research Cycle.

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Seven Secrets

Explore the Georgia Critical Thinking Skills Program. It contains links to lessons and resources in many areas of critical thinking. Notice how technology enriched the lesson.

Explore the Creative Thinking page. It contains a step-by-step process for promoting creative projects.

go to teacher tap
Explore Teacher Tap.
Explore Interactive Websites, Games, and Activities from Teacher Tap.

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Created by Annette Lamb, 1/04.