Making Sense of Technology

It's easy to get caught up in the excitement and fun of technology. However as a school administrator, it's essential to step back and consider practical and realistic applications that make sense for teaching, learning, and leadership. This is particularly true for the current generation of online tools known as Web 2.0.

Let's explore four areas where technology can have a positive impact on education. These tools and resources allow you to connect, communicate, collaborate, and create.


Explore ways that technology can be used to make professional connections, share announcements, brainstorm, and organize ideas.

Go to School Administration Wallwisher page. Read the title and topic. Add a posting. Notice that you can add a YouTube video or a link to an image file if you wish.

Think about other technologies that can be used to connect people for the purpose of sharing, brainstorming, or organizing ideas. Also, look for quality educator websites and blogs to use as models for your own work.


The ability to communicate with others is one of the primary benefits of technology use.

Use social networking tools to design virtual spaces for blogging, information sharing, and discussions.

Go to Technology and School Administration Ning. Comment on a blog post or participate in a discussion.

Think about other technologies that can be used for communication and interaction.


One of the most important features of 21st century technology is the ability to easily collaborate online.

Let's write about a day in the life of today's digital child. Go to the Digital Child Titanpad. Add additional entries. Change some formatting.

Let's use Bubbl to brainstorm ways that school administrators can promote digital citizenship, 21st century learning, and engaged learning.


Use Wordle to review some of your favorite ideas from the workshop.

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Developed by Annette Lamb, 7/2010.