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Virtual Adventures

Whether you'd like to explore a far off place from the safety your classroom or create your own online exhibit for others to experience, this website provides a great place to begin learning about virtual field trips.

girl holding camera Once you have traveled,
the voyage never ends,
but is played out over and over again
the mind can never break off from the journey.



Many students come to school with very limited experiences. They may never have left the town or county where they live. Schools help children reach beyond their small world. The learning environments that we create impact the careers students choose and their paths later in life.

Why spend the time and effort? Scientifically-based evidence demonstrates the effectiveness of this approach that combines:

  • Authentic learning
  • Real-world writing and audiences
  • Inquiry-based learning
  • Varied learning modalities
  • Flexible learning

Learn More

Use the following links to learn more about virtual field trips. Click on the pictures below to learn more about exploring, using, adapting, and creating virtual field trips.

Explore Use Adapt Create
clipart of man with binoculars clipart of plane ticket to Africa clipart of photograph from scrapbook clipart of man with camera


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