photograph of Helen Adams Helen Adams is a former school librarian and technology coordinator in a small, rural district in Wisconsin. She currently teaches Access and Legal Issues in the Information Age, an online course for school library media specialists offered by Mansfield University (Pennsylvania). You can connect to a website for the Mansfield program at Her students reside all over the U.S. and some are in other countries.

Her professional expertise and interests include:

• Intellectual freedom
• Privacy in school library media program
• Filtering issues

Helen serves on the ALA Intellectual Freedom Committee, chaired the AASL Intellectual Freedom Committee for two years, and was recently appointed to be the AASL liaison to the Freedom to Read Foundation (Established by ALA to promote and defend individuals right to express their ideas without governmental interference, and to read and listen to the ideas of others). She also is in her 4th year of writing in the area of intellectual freedom for School Library Monthly (formerly School Library Media Activities Monthly) and is the author of the IF Matters / Privacy Matters monthly columns.

Helen's latest book Ensuring Intellectual Freedom and Access to Information in the School Library (2008) is published by Libraries Unlimited

Read some of her articles online:
Banned Books Week: Just the Beginning; Sept 2009; 26(1), 48-49. (Login required)
Confidentiality (Sept. 2006); 23(1), 33.
The Age of the Patron and Privacy (March 2007); 23(7)
The Age of the Patron: Privacy for Middle and High School Students (April 2007); 23(8)

Helen and her husband live on a tree farm in central Wisconsin and are involved in many conservation projects. For the first time in the summer 2008, they had beautiful prairie flowers and grass in fields planted five years ago.

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