Marnie Bolstad is working her third year at Newton South High School ( in Newton, Massachussetts. She is one of three library teachers who work together with the library staff of three paraprofessionals (secretary and two aides). A better sense of the type of school and community of Newton South comes from this excerpt from the school's profile:

"Newton is a small city with a population of 83,000 located 4 miles west of Boston. Its population is heterogeneous with a large proportion of academic, business and professional families. The city is served by two large high schools. The quality of Newton’s educational system attracts families from all over the world. For approximately one- third of our students, English is a second language."

Previous to her current assignment at NSHS, for five years Marnie was an elementary library teacher in the Newton Public Schools. At the elementary level, she worked "solo" without an aide or other staff support. In her own words, "I did a little bit of everything."

Marnie is a life-long learner, having returned to graduate school "later in life" and received her Master's in Education at age 50. Since graduation she has continued her professional development by completing a number of distance learning courses. "I love the convenience of taking courses from home!"

NSHS's library Website
Marnie is not the webmaster but she has created a number of pathfinder resources for the site.

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