photograph of Dennis LeLoupDennis LeLoup is currently the school librarian at both Avon Intermediate Schools (Grades 5-6). This is his 35th year as a school librarian and his 18th at Avon Community Schools (1995 to present).

Avon Intermediate School East
Avon Intermediate School West

Dennis's previous experience includes 5 1/2 years as an educational consultant for the Office of Learning Resources within the Indiana Department of Education (1989-1995), 11 1/2 years as an elementary school librarian in Vigo County Schools (1978-1989), and one year as a school librarian for Northern Community Schools of Tipton County (1975-1976).

Dennis has received three degrees from Indiana State University, including a Bachelor of Arts degree (1975), Master of Library Science (1977), and Master of Science (1988).

Dennis is active in professional organizations at state and national levels. He is the current President of the Indiana Library Federation. Dennis is a past-President of AIME (1995-1996), past Region3 AASL Director and Director-Elect (1997-2001), former AASL Treasurer (2005-2008), and has served six years on the ALA Council (2002-2005, 2006-2009). He has also been a Director-at-Large for AASL and is serving another three-year term on the ALA Council - Councilor-at-large. Denisis and active member and has served on various ILF, ALA, AASL, and ALSC committees, including chair of AASL's Legislative Committee, ALSC's Liaisons with National Organizations Serving Children and Youth Committee, and Indiana's National Library Week Committee. As AIME President-Elect, he was the State Conference Chair for the 1995 conference. He has also worked on the editorial boards of the former Indiana Media Journal and Knowledge Quest, served on the advisory board of Linworth Publishing, and worked as a reviewer for several national publications. Dennis often participates in ALA’s Advocacy Days in Washington, D.C., since advocacy and communication are important tools for any and all librarians. Another important commitment is his appointment and participation on the 2014 Caldecott Committee (ALSC).

Download and read an online article by Dennis LeLoup:

(Mar/Apr 2009). The Many FIbers of Reading (PDF document). Library Media Connection; 10-12.

"Since children and young people are young temporarily and people forever, as librarians we have a responsibility to connect them with their world, while securing and protecting their access to knowledge.  If they are going to connect with the world, and the resources in the world, we must prepare them on how to use and access these resources, thus ensuring their future success with other resources and initiatives."
Dennis Leloup (Sept. 2009, ALA, 60 Second Speech articulating the value of library service to children).

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