Chris Somers enjoys being the media specialist at Indian Creek Middle School. Before that, she taught Language arts and American Literature. Chris has been instrumental in incorporating assistive technology into the middle school. She is also the co-creator of a state recognized science project called “FrogQuest” and recently started an after-school program in the media center for students and adults which is currently funded by a grant from the Library Services Technology Act.


She has been a presenter at AIME, ICE, IMLEA, ISIT and  Indiana NEXT. She has an article published in Knowledge Quest and an online article published by the Big6 e-magazine.

Chris has a special interest in technology that supports the curriculum, in writing grants, and in forming partnerships that will bring funding into the school corporation.  She likes to take a creative idea, build collaborations, find funding, and follow it through to the end.  Creating opportunities for students and staff is what keeps the job interesting and makes the media center an integral and exciting part of the school environment.  “I don’t want my administration to ever believe that they could exist without a dynamic media center that plays a central part in the school curriculum.”

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