photograph of Robin TanisRobin Tanis is currently the Head Librarian at St. Pius X Catholic High School in Atlanta, GA. St. Pius X, Atlanta's first Archdiocesan High School, provides a coeducational college preparatory education for the formation of the mind, body, and spirit of each student in accordance with the teachings of the Catholic Church.

Robin began working at St. Pius in 1990 as a library assistant while completing her Master in Library Media at Georgia State University (1993). Ten years later she completed an Education Specialist Degree in Information Technology from the University of Georgia's School of Education. Robin also attended Northwestern University where she earned a Bachelor of Arts in English Literature (1978).

Throughout her tenure at St. Pius, Robin has worked diligently to achieve and maintain a collaborative partnership with the school's classroom teachers. She was an early pioneer in technology, bringing computers, automation, and the Internet into the library and then the rest of the school. Robin was the original Webmaster for the school (, which thankfully has now passed on to someone else. She is still responsible for keeping the Flannery O'Connor Library Web site current (

Robin is most known for ASPIRE!, a Summer Program In Reading Enrichment. She has presented her program at state and national conferences. ASPIRE! was featured in both Knowledge Quest (Sep/Oct 2003) and School Library Journal (Jan. 2004). Encouraging pleasure reading is a personal interest of Robin's, and she also moderates the Anime Club.

Robin has dabbled with blogging ( but now prefers to communicate through a Facebook fan page ( "It's tons of fun and easy to do" she says.

eBooks, eReaders, and iPads are presenting a new challenge to Robin's profession. Two years ago she made a digital shift in the reference collection. Most of these titles are now accessed online. eReading devices were purchased last year to give students and faculty an opportunity to try them out. "It's clear that digital content is not going away and will become mainstream in the library sooner than we realize." Ten years from now, Robin will be working in a very different library.

Robin was honored in 2003 with the school's Excellence in Teaching Award.

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