Catherine Trinkle has been a media specialist for 8 years, beginning in New Albany, Indiana and continuing now at Hickory Elementary in Avon. Look for Catherine's presentation on the essential components of reading instruction at this year's AIME conference. Her online resume can be found at

Catherine launched her first virtual media center in 1997 and maintains that same site today. She created and is the webmaster for Hickory Elementary School ~

Last year, she launched a favorite web project - her Personal Virtual Library:'s%20PVL.htm. To learn about current issues in school library media as well as sites to make your job easier, take a look there. 

Catherine spends as much time reading as she does with technology. Among her favorites is Phillip Pullman’s Dark Materials trilogy; The Amber Spyglass. Catherine has been a member of the Young Hoosier Picture Book Award selection committee for 4 years. Her daughters are 7 and 5 years old and get to hear every nominated book…some again and again!

Special Interests:

Catherine is not at all interested in teaching AASL’s Information Literacy Standards and feels the AASL’s position on flexed vs. fixed scheduling does harm to our professionals out there in the fields.

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