Teacher Tap


It's easy for educators to become overwhelmed by the teaching and learning resources available on the Internet. The Teacher Tap is a free, professional development resource that helps educators address common technology integration questions by providing practical, online resources and activities.
Each project page focuses on an interesting topic and provides common questions, background information, useful websites, and practical hands-on activities. Project pages are divided into four areas: teacher resources, learning resources, collaboration, and software utilities.


Why Teacher Tap? Like a water tap, teachers need a professional development resource that can easily be turned on and off. Teachers can regulate the amount of time and type of resources they need to address their need.
What's the target group? We believe in life-long learning. Our primary audience members are teachers, library media specialists, public librarians, and technology coordinators who need starting points for integrating technology into their classroom. Some topics are more logical for beginners and others more advanced technology users. For example, a teacher with few Internet experiences might be interested in exploring, simple online lesson plans. A more experienced teacher might explore the creation of an online quiz.
How are topics chosen? We pick topics based on three criteria. First, as life-long learners we like to find topics that are of interest to us. Second, we seek out popular topics that teachers often request. We work on a number of large grant projects that make specific topic requests. Finally, we try to find topics that will draw on the power of technology. One of our goals is to encourage educators to make productive use of the Internet as a tool for teaching and learning.


eduscapesThis project is part of the eduscapes website developed by Annette Lamb and Larry Johnson for use by their students, conference participants, professional development participants, and others interested in life long learning. Learn more about eduscapes.com.


tipt3Welcome University of Toledo students and faculty. Some of these materials were updated as part of a PT3 project. Learn more about this project at TIPT3.


icatsWelcome iCATS and EVSC teachers! Some of these materials were developed as part of an Indiana Department of Education - Office of Learning Resources Technology Grant Project. Learn more about our project at iCATS.

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