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Face-to-Face and Virtual Book Clubs & Reading Groups

How do I create a book club and encourage students to join?

How do we select books for the club?

Where can I find an online book club to join?

teen with booksBook clubs are a great way to get your students involved with reading and sharing. Many students enjoy participating in book clubs and book review projects. The activities range from formal reading groups to informally sharing favorite books.

eye for essentialRead the Kidsread.com Book Club page to learn about how to start a book club, run a book club, and choose books for kids.

Read Move Over Oprah! by Muggs Murphy (Technology & Learning, October 1999). This article discusses how a class connected with another class for a reading project.

Some discussions are done through email. For example Book BackChat is a email project to discuss books of interest. Students focus on a particular book. For example in Summer 2003, the topic was Leo the Late Bloomer by Robert Kraus.

Read Methodology at Planet Book Club. Although this is a service with subscription and materials, there are still lots of ideas to get you started.

Book Clubs and Groups for All Ages

Book BackChat
This project uses email to discuss books of interest. You can also look at past chats in the archives.

Book Raps - from Australia
Book discussions for students based on scheduled books.

Epals Book Club star means quality
Join the epals book club and share discussions about books, authors, and share stories and poetry.

Reading Group Guides
More than 1000 reading group guides for children and adults. Lots of advice and ideas for groups.

Book Clubs and Groups for Children

Eduplace Reading Scene - Online Book Group star means quality
Online book groups for grades 1-2, 3-4, 5-6, and 7-8.

Kids Who Read star means quality
One of the largest online book clubs for kids

A place for children to share the books they enjoy reading. The Reading Club page provides an nice overview of ways students can create their own book clubs.

Lists popular books for young adults and provides an opportunity to enter your own book ideas.

Spagetti Clubhouse
A place to post and read messages about books.

Book Clubs and Groups for Young Adults and Adults

Book Muse
Resources for book clubs including reviews and book club ideas. Designed for teens and adults.

Good Morning America Book Club - Read This!
Ideas and interviews based on books from the television program.

Oprah's Book Club
Links to materials and book information.

Today's Book Club Front Page
Book club from the televison program Today.

Links to Resources

Book Discussion Center from BookSpot

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Plan A Club

Explore the options for book clubs. Brainstorm an idea for a book club at your school or library.

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