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Magnet Poetry, Stories, & Mad Libs: Writing Fun On The Web

Where can I find websites to create poetry on the web?

What's a Mad Lib and why are they so popular on the web?

What's a personalized story and why do students enjoy them so much?

boy writingWhether creating poems with electronic magnets or choosing words for a Mad Lib, kids of all ages are attracted to humorous forms of writing. The web provides many opportunities to explore words.

Use the following links on this page to explore magnet poetry, personalized stories, and Mad Libs.

Online Magnet Poetry

Magnetic poetry started with primary teachers using magnet boards and magnetic letters. Later a company called Magnetic Poetry created a version for the refrigerator. Today, you plan create magnetic poetry online. You can even submit your poems for online publication.

essential readingRead Magnetic Power in the Classroom. You can read it online or download the PDF.

Check out their student project submissions.

Play Online at Magnetic Poetry star means quality
Choose from the New York, Artist, Romance, Dog Love, College, Rock & Roll, Sequel, Kids Kit, Minnesota, and Cat Lover options. You can submit a poem or also read the work of others. The Kid's Kits Online include Kids Kit, First Words, Storymaker, Best Friends, and Dog Lover. You can even change the background!

Other Online Magnet Sites

Fridge Magnet Poetry
Simple magnet page.

Magnetic Fridge
Cool colored letters.

Magnetic Poetry - Nursery Rhymes
Unscramble nursey rhymes.

PlanetArkive Magnetic Fridge
Organized by adjectives, verbs, nouns, and small words.

Scramble Word Magnets
Simple word scramble.

Shadow Poetry
Create your own magnetic word poetry and submit your poem.

Shakespeare Magnet Poetry
Choose the number of words.

Shocked Poetry star means quality
Choose a theme, create a poem, and send as an e-greeting card. You can even add nouns, verbs, adjectives, and little words.

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Personalized Stories and Mad Libs

Mad Libs and personalized stories involve users in creating stories and tales. With Mad Libs, students enter words and a story is generated. These activities can be good practice in parts of speech because users must enter nouns, verbs, adverbs, adjectives, and other types of words to build the stories.

If you'd like to try building your own story page, check out the Create-a-Story page with 81 characters, places, situations, and objects.

Crazy Libs
Brief personalized stories where the words appear randomly or you can select words (website contains ads).

Create Your Scenario
Create a play by choosing the stars and their lines. Print it out and write the script.

Create a Story from Adventures for the Book of Virtues & PBSKids
Fill in words and create a story.

Create a Story from It's My Life & PBS Kids
Fill in words and create a story.

Create a Story with Winnie the Pooh characters
Fill in words and create a story.

Create Your Own Adventure
Fun MadLibs from Kratt's creatures.

Create Your Own Story from Griffin's Wild Animal Page
Fill in words and create a story.

Fairy Tale Mad Libs
Generates a fairy tale Mad Lib.

Egyptian Mad Libs
Enter nouns, verbs, and adjective to generate funny Egyptian stories.

Imaginator star means quality
Great online, story building tool.

MadLibs star means quality
Complete three fun MadLibs. Examples of parts of speech area provided as reminders. Find out about the origin of MadLibs.

Middle Earth MadLibs
Replaces words in favorite Middle-Earth phrase with random words.

My Life Story star means quality
Write your own life story. The questions and writing ideas are free You can join and they'll store your story.

Create a story by entering nouns, verbs, adjectives, and other words.

Story Station from Sears Portrait Studio star means quality
Choose a topic and personalize a story.

Teach-nology Mad Libs
A fun Mad Lib.

The Story Starter star means quality

Tolkien Trail Mad Libs
Mad Libs with a Tolkien theme.

Wacky Tales from FunBrain
Try some fun Mad Libs.

Wacky Web Tales star means quality
Lots of great tale topics. You can print your tale and submit your tale. It even shows you how to write a tale.

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Write a Poem or Story

Create a poem or story using a magnet poetry website or a Mad Libs site.

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