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How are other schools using technology in their programs?
Where can I find good classroom websites?
What kinds of projects are teachers doing in their classrooms?
There are many great examples of integrating technology into classroom activities.

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Applied Arts


Family Studies - Ms DeSimones ClassGot FCCLA?NetFamilyNewsPLILeadershipWalnut Grove FCCLAMrs. Folger-Hawks

Library - Joyce ValenzaBuffy HamiltonTLNNingBlue Skunk BlogThinking In Mind

Health and Physical Education - Mr. Robbo: The PE GeekPhyscial Education Update Blog,


Social Studies

World Languages

Science - AmoebaMikeDiscovering BiologyScience TeacherExtreme BiologyMr. Andrade's ClassBiology is LifeNetwon's MinionsScience ClassroomMeet the New Wired Science All-Star Bloggers



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Evaluate Classroom Web Pages

Explore classroom and project web pages. Develop a list of the characteristics of effective classroom web pages. Brainstorm ways to integrate these features into your own page or project.

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