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Technology and Multiple Intelligences

What are the multiple intelligences?

What do they have to do with technology?

How can I incorporate these ideas into teaching and learning?

artworkIn his 1983 book called Frames of Mind, Howard Gardner of Harvard University identified seven intelligences we all possess. Because our understanding of the brain and human behavior is constantly changing, the number of intelligences is expanding. Two to three new intelligences had been added recently. Gardner claims that we all have all the intelligences, but that no two people are exactly alike.

eye means essentialRead Concept to Classroom: Multiple Intelligences.This web project answers a series of common questions about Howard Gardner's Multiple Intelligences.

Go to Project Zero to learn more about Howard Gardner's projects at Harvard. Then learn more about Howard Gardner. For some insights into the way the theory has evolved, read his PDF article titled Multiple Intelligences after Twenty Years.

Originally, Gardner developed the list as a theoretical model about the psychology of the mind, rather than a practical way to address individual differences. However, by understanding a student's strengths and weaknesses in each intelligence, we can help students become more successful. He also notes that integrating multiple intelligences into the classroom involves changing our idea about teaching and learning. It requires addressing individual differences and providing a range of activities and experiences to facilitate learning.
Technology can be used to facilitate learning in each intelligence area. There is no "right way" to integrate intelligences or technology into the classroom. The key is to provide the most effective learning environment for students.
eye means essentialRead The Key Learning Community: Cultivating "Multiple Intelligences" from Edutopia. Watch the Quicktime videos. You'll need a QuickTime player to view videos.
eye means essentialCurrently, Howard Gardner has identified nine intelligences. Click on each intelligence below to learn more about it and technology tools that support classroom activities (Teacher Tap Pages.

Multiple Intelligence

If you'd like to learn more about Multiple Intelligence, use the following resources.

Creating 'Windows into Learner's Minds': Multiple Intelligences and Portfolios - This article highlights a new book and provides some examples.

Project Zero - About Howard Gardner
- This page provides basic information about Howard Gardner and his ideas

M.I. Smart! Program
- This is the best place to start your exploration of Multiple Intelligences. It contains a great overview, links to each intelligence, a MI Diagram and Links to Multiple Intelligence articles.

Multiple Intelligences
- This single page site provides an overview of each intelligence and examples for teachers and parents.

Multiple Intelligences: A Theory for Everyone
- This Education World page provides an overview of Multiple Intelligences.

Multiple Intelligences: It's Not How Smart You Are, It's How You're Smart! - Another Education World Article:

NEA Today Interview with Howard Gardner
- This interview provides a nice overview of the model and the perspectives of Howard Gardner. 

Research Results of a Multiple Intelligences Classroom
by Bruce Campbell - This short article provides an overview of research in multiple intelligences in the classroom.

Some MI Links
- This page provides some great links.

Tapped Into Multiple Intelligences
- This online workshop takes you through descriptions, examples, and discussion.

Use All Your Smarts: Multiple Intelligences for Diverse Library Learners
- This website by Katherine Holmes of Lesley University Library explores how to use multiple intelligences to address diverse needs.

Technology and Multiple Intelligences

Activity Chart - Explore this Multiple Intelligences activity chart.

Do Technology Based Lessons Meet the Needs of Student Learning Styles? - This article focuses on learning styles, technology, and lesson planning.

How Technology Enhances Howard Gardner's Eight Intelligences - This article focuses on each intelligence and provide technology ideas.

Match Multiple Intelligences with Technology - This page was designed for a workshop in matching multiple intelligences with technology.

Multimedia and Multiple Intelligences - In this excellent 1996 article, Shirley Veenema and Howard Gardner describe the potential of technology and multiple intelligences.

Multiple Intelligences Activities - Lesson plans with lots of ideas.

Multiple Intelligences and Technology - Find ways to link technology and multiple intelligences

Multiple Intelligences and Technology - This online article focuses on the theory behind multiple intelligences and technology.

Science, Multimedia, & Multiple Intelligences - This page defines multimedia and multiple intelligences and gives examples of these in the classroom.

Using Multiple Intelligences in Project-based Learning - This website provides checklists, ideas, and assessments related to multiple intelligences and project-based learning. 

Student Projects and Lessons Based on Multiple Intelligences Ideas

A Journey through the Rainforest - Explore this elementary project about the rainforest that incorporates aspects of multiple intelligences. 

Best Practices of Technology Integration - This Michigan project contains wonderful, technology-rich lessons for all grade levels.

Harvard Project Zero - This Harvard University Project focuses on understanding learning and specifically multiple intelligences. The research project section contains links to information about to past and present research projects.

Multiple Intelligences by Lesson - This website provides great examples of combining multiple intelligences and technology into meaningful lessons.

Project SUMIT (Schools Using Multiple Intelligence Theory) - This website documents how schools are using multiple intelligence theory.

Utilizing Technology to Address the Multiple Intelligences - This project was done by teacher education students to demonstrate how multiple intelligences and technology could be integrated into the a project on the Civil War.

Multiple Intelligences Surveys

Build A Project

Select a topic and brainstorm outcomes and technology-rich activities that fit all the intelligences.

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