Teacher Tap


Daily Resources

Where can I find a picture of the day?
What resources are available for daily or weekly vocabulary?
What happened on this day in history?

kids at computerAs you think about technology integration, start small. Then as you feel more comfortable, add technology resources and tools. Always remember to focus on the learning outcome rather than the technology itself.
Choose something to do every day.

Daily Thinking Games

Picture of the Day

Word of the Day

Math Problem of Week

Quote of the Day/Week

Poem of the

This Day in

Other Topics

Try doing a search in Google for "picture of the day", "word of the day", "poem of the day", "quote of the day", or other daily

Plan Daily Activities

Plan a project you can do every day in your classroom.
Use reference resources to create your own "word of the day" or other project.
Build a presentation with a daily activity.

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