Catch the Best

Explore the Internet for resources that would be useful in your area of interest. Find resources in at least five of the ten categories listed below:

Exploration: Find a site that provides a virtual field trip to a place students couldn't visit in person.

Timeliness: Locate a site that contains timely information on a topic that might not be available in a book.

Variety: Visit a site that contains different kinds of information than might be found in library resources.

Expanded Search: Do a search on a topic. What unusual information can you find on the topic?

Interaction: Can you find a contact person in your area of interest? Develop an activity that would involve connecting your students with other students or adults.

Expertise: Can you find information that might be useful in career exploration or a person that could answer questions your class might have about a topic?

Authenticity: Locate information on your topic that you think would be credible. Why do you think this is a quality source of information?

Varied Information Types/Communication Channels: Locate information in a sound, graphic, animation, or video format on your topic.

Motivation: Find something fun in your topic area.

Selecting Internet Resources

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