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Select a lesson topic and brainstorm ideas for involving multiple intelligences.

Verbal-linguistic: How can spoken or written word be used?

Logical-mathematical: How can numbers, calculation, reasoning, logic, classification, or problem solving be incorporated?

Visual-spatial: How can visual elements such as pictures, graphics, art, color, metaphor, maps, or visual organizers be integrated?

Musical-rhythmic: How can sounds and music including tone, timbre, rhythm, or melody be used?

Bodily-kinesthetic: How can movement and hands-on experiences be incorporated?

Interpersonal-social: How can sharing, cooperation, teaming, and collaboration be used?

Intrapersonal-introspective: How can personal feelings, thoughts, and reflections be used?


Sample Lesson Idea: Tall Tales

The teacher begins by showing a short, tall tale video. Tall tale is defined. The class discusses tall tales they've heard.

Verbal-linguistic: Children choose a tall tale book to read. In pairs, children explore the compact disc books Pecos Bill or Paul Bunyan. Students write tall tales using the software The Writing Center.

Logical-mathematical: Students create math story problems and puzzles based on their own tall tales.

Visual-spatial: Students illustrate their tall tales using KidPix. They also design costumes for their tall tale production.

Interpersonal-social: Students compare their tall tales with a small group. In teams, they combine their tales on a word processor into one super tall tale that incorporates all the characters.

Musical-rhythmic: Students listen to tall tales that have been turned into songs. They use rhythmic instruments to add background music to their skit.

Bodily-kinesthetic: They make costumes for their tall tale production. Students adapt their super tall tale into a creative drama that is videotaped.

Intrapersonal-introspective: Students write in their journals about a personal experience that could be turned into a tall tale.

Exploring Multiple Intelligences

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