Who's Attending

Here's a list of people who've indicated they are planning to attend:

Bill and Nancy Smith (S)
Annette and Larry Johnson (S)
Allison James (S)
Janice Bolger (S)
Joel, Cheryl, Stephanie, 
& Jackson Bolger (S)
Jason, Beth & baby Bolger (S)
Amy, Steve, Stephen, 
& Samantha Persad (S)
Ruth Bolger (S)
Alan & Jolene Bolger (S)
Susan Schlegel (S)
Barry Smith (S)
Evan and Jordan Lavender-Smith (S)
Carolyn & Paul Conner (S)
Bob & Carol Bolger (S)

Andy, Brenda, & Sarah Rathsack (R)
Bud & Janet Beckhoff (R)
Mildred Rathsack (R)
Brian Wheeling (R)
Mark Piekarz (R)
Adam Knod (R)
Mark Messinger (R)
Tony & Kathy Rathsack (R)
Tim & Linda Poeschel (R)
Dale Panganiban (R)

(S) = brides side
(R) = grooms side

Planning to attend? Let us know!


Arrion's cousins at Beth & Jason's wedding
September 1999

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