Moose Mania


Everyone loves the moose.

From Maine to Manitoba, the moose is a favorite animal throughout the US and Canada. Their long noses and skinny legs make them favorite cartoon characters too.

The Mission

A local advertising company called Animal Ads, Inc. thinks that the moose would be a great animal for advertisements. Your job is to learn about the moose and figure out ways that it could be used to sell different products. Can you imagine a picture of a moose being used to sell cars, candy bars, or soft drinks?

Create a newspaper advertisement or television commercial featuring a moose.


The Process

Activity 1:

Find a reading buddy. Talk about what you already know about the moose. Then, read about them. Create a diagram on paper or Kidspiration showing all the characteristics about the moose and its habitat.

Choose an option that fits your information need:

Activity 2:

Select a product to advertise. Create your advertisement. Animal Ads, Inc. wants to make sure that the advertisements only represent factual information about the life and habitat of the moose. For example if the ad shows a moose swimming, you need to make sure they can actually swim. You need to write a short report to go with your ad that shows that you really know about the moose in your ad.

Activity 3:

The advertising company will even donate part of the profits to The World Wildlife Federation! You need to write a letter to them about how the money should be spent to help the moose population of North America.

The Conclusion

Wow! You'd done lots of work to create your ad. Now, share it with others in a Moose Mania Meeting. Vote on the best ads including funniest, most real, and most effective.


Note: All photographs taken with a digital camera in Arizona and Utah.
Developed by Annette Lamb and Larry Johnson, 04/02.