Moose are very big. They are in the deer family.

What does a moose look like?
Moose have dark brown hair. They have long skinny legs. They have a hump on their back. They have a huge, long head.
Males are called bulls. The bulls have antlers. They fall off in the winter. They are much larger than females.

Females are called cows. They have one or two babies. Baby moose are called calves. They are light brown. Look for the calves in the pictures.

What do moose eat?

Moose eat plants. They like to eat near lakes and swamps. Moose like to eat water lilies.

Where can I find a moose?
Moose live alone or in small groups. They like wet places. They like the forest.
You can find moose in the US and Canada.

Who are the friends and enemies of a moose?

Moose have very few enemies. Wolves and bears sometimes kill calves.

If you see a moose, be careful. They move fast.

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Note: All photographs taken with a digital camera in Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming (July 1999) & Northern Idaho (2001).

Developed by Annette Lamb and Larry Johnson, 6/99. Updated 4/02.