Teacher Tap
This online workshop is intended to help each teacher and child discover the love of learning through engaging opportunities for reading, writing, graphics, and technology.

Let's address standards, challenge students, and instill a love of learning in young people through engaging, visually-rich resources and activities. Learn to integrate the growing body of quality print and web-based graphic reading resources for young people across the K12 curriculum. Beyond the superheroes of traditional comics, today's graphic communication projects help students synthesize and apply digital scraps, primary source documents, photographs, charts and graphics, and other visuals to create meaningful communications.


Design standards-based activities that use traditional and emerging comic software such as Comic Life and online tools for producing graphic novels and other forms of sequential art for sharing students understandings and alternative assessment. With today's digital tools, you don't need to be a expert illustrator to use and create attractive and powerful digital comic projects across content areas.

Warm Up Activity
Open Comic Life. If you don't have it, try the trial version.
Go to Wikimedia Commons and choose an animal that will serve as your avatar.
Create a Comic Life page addressing the following questions:
What do you know about comics?
What would you like to know?


Choose an animal and create a comic about a day in the life of that animal.

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