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Technology and Mental Exercise

We do specific exercises such as abdominals or pushups to address body strength needs. Over time, all those crunches really do make a difference. We do mental exercises to practice reading, writing, or math. However just as jumping jacks get tiresome, basic skills practice becomes boring too. Why do I need to know math, science, reading?

Young people get bored fast when there’s no meaning or application. Design an environment where technology is one of many elements that meet the needs of young people.

Explore online resources to engage learners in activities that problem concept and skills development.

Need more ideas? Go to Internet Resources for English & Language Arts from Teacher Tap.


Practice and Skills Development

Rather than "doing the computer" or "computer time," the technology should be transparent. While some students may need extra practice, others might be ready for a challenge. As you plan lessons, use technology resources to accommodate the learning needs of students.

Explore examples of motivating "interactives" for English:

General Interactive Links

Try It!
Look for practice resources that could be used to support the learning needs of specific students.
- How will you ensure that the practice meets the learning needs?
- How will you make these resources available "just-in-time" so students are challenged, yet not overwhelmed?


Middle School - Careers in Our Community

zoovetzoovetkit em out
Er Vets by Donna M. Jackson, Zoo Vet software, Veterinary Surgeon online interactive

careersHigh School - Career Exploration


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