Farm'ers Market

Farmer's MarketLike seeking out fresh, organic foods at the farmer's market, it's time to skip the junk food and stress healthy Internet habits.

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Learn to select and integrate the best web-based content into your classroom. There's way too much "googling" going on and not enough emphasis on challenging assignments that apply the quality educational, governmental, non-profit, museum, library, and digital collections that contain effective, efficient, and appealing standards-aligned information and instruction. Like the classics of literature, learn to identify and use the best, current web-based resources in your content area including websites and electronic databases. Help students make good choices regarding the use of wikis, blogs, and other social and collaborative technologies. Apply practical strategies for enriching your technology resources through the use of open source software, free online tools and resources such as free images, audio, and video. Finally, build quality pathfinders and inquiry-based assignments without the time consuming process of creating full-blown WebQuests.

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