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Geocaching is an exciting new hobby developed with the advent of GPS (Global Positioning Satellite) handheld devices. Combining hiking and treasure hunting, geocaching involves hiking to a set of coordinates (longitude and latitude) to find a "cache." Caches are normally left in beautiful locations and contain a log book and "riches" to trade. If you like an adventure, geocaching is for you. To learn more about geocaching, check out the Official GPS Cache Hunt Site.
We're known as the Mobile Mavericks because we travel full-time in our motorhome. To learn more about our lifestyle, check out our Mobile Mavericks page. Geocaching fits perfect with full-timing. It's a great way to explore new areas and get beyond the "classic" hikes available in most travel books.
Wolf Draw. We placed our first geocache in Fall 2001. It's at Wolf Draw (our page) in North Dakota near Theodore Roosevelt National Park. Go to the Wolf Draw (at for additional details and logs. We've had a couple visitors at Wolf's Draw!
Hawksbill Crag. Our second geocache was placed January 2002. It's at Hawksbill Crag (our page) in northwest Arkansas. Go to Hawksbill Crag (at for additional details and logs. We've had visitors! Newsflash - A couple got engaged at the Hawksbill Crag geocache in Feb 2003.
Blue Vista. In April 2002 we found another beautiful location for a geocache. It's called Blue Vista (our page) in Eastern Arizona on the Coronado Trail Scenic Drive (Highway 191). Go to Blue Vista (at for additional details and logs.
Smith Mesa & Dalton Wash. In April 2003, we set two geocaches near Zion National Park in southwest Utah. They're called Smith Mesa and Dalton Wash. Go to Smith Mesa and Dalton Wash (at for additional details and logs.

Otter Lake. (NEW) We set a geocache north of Red Rock Lakes National Wildlife Refuge in Beaverhead National Forest (on the Idaho/Montana border) September 2003. It's called Otter Lake. Go to Otter Lake (at for additional details and logs.

We've discovered a new geolocation activity. We just placed a travel bug named Marti Maverick. Follow it's adventures! We also like to participate in Where's George projects.
Annette's parents are now geocachers... check out their geocache page.
Frequently Asked Questions. Read answers to common questions about geocaching.
Favorite Geocaches. Link to information on some of our favorite geocaches. So far we've been to the desert, ocean coast, high desert, mountain waterfall, and ancient lava bed. Check out our newest cache visits in Utah (April 2002) and Colorado (May 2002).
Our First Geocaching Experience. Find out about our first geocaching experience in Nevada.
Finding a Geocache. Explore some tips on finding a geocache such as find a good cache, go with a friend, be prepared, don't give up, log your find, and hide the cache.
Creating a Geocache. Learn to identify a unique location, select a good container, choose the cache contents, incorporate fun activities, locate a good hiding place, and provide good directions.
Geocaching for Kids. Find out how to get kids involved with this exciting new learning environment.
Created by Annette Lamb and Larry Johnson, 07/01. Last Updated 9/03.