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Interactive Technologies and Cool Tools

There are lots of other cool tools that make super use of Web 2.0 technology.

Explore examples of interactivity including MyPyramid, Read Write Think Student Materials, Edheads, Design a Panda Habitat, Grapher, Lord of the Flies.

Go to the Library Arcade: Carnegie Mellon Library's Project
Have fun playing library games! Within Range & I'll Get It!


  1. Alternative Search Engines: Clusty, Grokker
  2. Mapping Tools: Frappr! Groups (frune), Google Earth, Google Maps
  3. Survey Instruments: Survey Monkey, Web Poll from Bravenet,
  4. Planning Tools: 4teachers, CHNM
  5. Interactives: Flash


computer iconBrainstorm!
What kinds of projects will I try?
What teachers will be receptive to what type of technology (social, collaborative, interactive)?
What issues am I likely to face (time, resources, filters, copyright)?
Where will I start?


Put It All Together

American Born ChineseCombine the Best of Traditional and New Technology

The Author's website includes book excerpts and a blog.


As you explore the possibilities:

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