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Blogs are web logs that arrange postings (i.e., text, graphics, audio, video entries) in reverse chronological order. They also provide syndication of the postings so others can subscribe to the feed. Tags are used so postings can be categorized and searched.

Go to SMLS Bridge blog highlighting media specialists.


  1. Duck Diaries
  2. Mabry Middle School Library Blog and Washington Middle School Library, Seattle
  3. The Reading Room
  4. Ron Hirschi Visits Eastview Elementary
  5. The Secret Life of Bees

Practical Projects

  1. Personal inquiry blog (i.e, trace the steps in the inquiry process such as Big 6; follow a science experiment; track a local or global event; share experiences)
  2. News blog (i.e., new books, upcoming events, sports results, polls, interviews, this day in local history, then and now)
  3. Creative works (i.e., poems, poetry, reports, drawings, comics, reporting)
  4. Problems and Solutions (i.e., math mysteries, alternative endings, brainstorm ideas, interact with an expert, debate, critique)
  5. Highlight content (i.e., feature books, scientific events, vocabulary, historical events timeline, student projects)


  1. Identify a specific goal and audience for your blog. Consider the role of postings and comments.
  2. Begin with closed projects involving password access. More toward more open environments.
  3. Stick to project-based blogs that don't require on-going support.
  4. Involve students in all aspects of the blog.
  5. Take a standards-based approach to assignments and assessments associated with the blog. Use PictureHistory to link to historical photographs. Go to Teacher Tap: Images for other resources.


Learn more at Escrapbooking: Blogging or High Tech Learning: Blogging.

computer iconBrainstorm!
What advice would you give to student bloggers? Create a list of guidelines for evaluating student postings or comments to a blog. What makes a quality student posting? Why? How do the expectations change as students mature as bloggers?


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