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ImmortalGraphic Inquiry

Graphic inquiry weaves visual elements throughout the inquiry process.

Even before we learn about inquiry in school, each of us begins our life as an inquirer. Inquiry is a part of our lives both inside and outside the classroom. Read about students as information scientists and Annie's Inquiry and Danny's Inquiry. Read about student maturation and inquiry.

bugWhat did you investigate as a child? What do you investigate as an adult? Think about how you matured as an information scientist. How was your passion for inquiry ignited and nurtured?

Graphic Inquiry in Teaching and Learning

logoDesign learning environments that infuse graphic techniques and technologies throughout the inquiry process to address standards and promote deep thinking.

Inquiry is "a process that involves asking questions and searching for evidence that can be used to design arguments, make decisions, and draw conclusions" (Lamb & Callison, 2010). It's an active process that addresses meaningful questions.

Many information search and inquiry models help young people discover the joys of investigation.

Inquiry is an active process. Graphics are often overlooked when designing inquiry-based learning environments. Diagrams, line drawings, photos, maps, charts, and graphs can be woven throughout the process.

Learn more about Information Age Inquiry at my online course.

For a more in-depth exploration, read the graphic book Graphic Inquiry by Annette Lamb and Danny Callison available from Libraries Unlimited, 2011.

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