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Four Tips for Success: Think Different!

  1. There are many ways to see and understand. Example: Many views of the human hand.
  2. Challenge conventional thinking about a topic by providing fresh examples. Example: Mosquito tumbler
  3. Take virtual trips using technology. Example: 360 Cities and GigPan
  4. Think different about presenting ideas. Example: Use x-ray images.
  5. Look at standards with new eyes. Example: Integrated Environmental and Sustainability Learning Standards (K-12, Washington State)

Get Started

Looking some ideas to get started?

Focus on Questioning. Explore the graphics, audio, video, data, and interactive websites.
Create a list of web addresses containing images that will stimulation discussion.
Locate pairs of graphics that can be used to make comparisons.

Focus on Exploring. Examine the Darwin example.
Do a search for libguides in your interest area. Open Google and enter site:libguides.com cell biology
Do a search for pathfinders in your interest area. Open Google and enter anatomy pathfinder
Explore the data collection and data collaboration technology tools.

Focus on Assimilating. Examine the Ds of Evidence example.
Build your own Ds of Evidence activity.
Design an activity that focuses on one of the 6 patterns to build associations.
Explore data calculation, data conversion, data organization and synthesis technology tools.

Focus on Inferring. Examine the questions related to seeking patterns of evidence.
Design an activity that focuses on building skills in identifying evidence and building arguments.
Explore technology tools for creating products.

Focus on Reflecting. Examine the Glogster and Wordle examples.
Design an activity that involves students sharing reflections of the inquiry process.
Create a Google SearchStory - http://www.youtube.com/user/SearchStories

For a more in-depth exploration, read the graphic book Graphic Inquiry by Annette Lamb and Danny Callison available from Libraries Unlimited, 2011.

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